April Bucket List

This is going to be my first ever bucket list post. I keep a blogging planner/journal jotting down plans for posts, books I need to read and review, social media stats and site visit numbers, so I thought why not bring everything together and write a post on my aims for the coming month. 

Books to read and review
1) Unwanted Truths by Tricia Haddon
2) The Reflections of Queen Snow White by David Meredith
3) When She Was Bad by Tammy Cohen
Increase social media followers

My current numbers from March are: 
Twitter 1996
Facebook 233
Instagram 279
Pinterest 238
I have always used Twitter the most so lots of room for improvement on the other channels.
Blog statistics for March 

Site views 1589
Blog visitors 679
Posts published 12
Blog Domain Authority (DA) 21
My site views for March were fantastic for my little blog due to running my 1st Blogiversary giveaway. 
My aim is to run at least one competition a month to try and encourage new readers to come and visit. 
Carry on improving the layout of my blog – I have started arranging the pages at the top of my blog but need to carry on with further tabs to make it easier to navigate around the different subjects. 
To try and leave the house more! – hard with a newborn, takes forever to get ready in the mornings! 
I hope you all have a good month and the weather continues to improve! 


Cuddle Fairy

Thank you for sharing


  1. 19th April 2016 / 3:36 pm

    Love the idea of a bucket list and its something I really would like to start doing but I will also have newborn soon so not sure how I am going to balance both at the moment. The giveaway sounds like a great hit. I have started doing a few more recently and it does make a difference – good luck with yours. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again this week x

  2. 13th April 2016 / 9:33 am

    Good luck with your goals, especially the books. That's once of my current things to improve too at the moment.

  3. 6th April 2016 / 3:07 pm

    I have 4 books on the go at the moment and can't decide which one to just sit down and finish. Great goals!

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