Beard Gifts – A Guide For The Bearded Man In Your Life

Dad, husband, son, grandad – whoever it is, treat the man in your life to practical beard gifts they can use again and again.

Let’s be honest; living with males has its many perks alongside some rather annoying habits. There are the fun times of going for a Sunday walk in the countryside, watching a good film or having a gathering with friends and family, and then there’s leaving the toilet seat up and scattering beard hairs in the sink from shaving! The good definitely outweighs the bad thankfully, and what better way to show your appreciation to the men in your life than to get them a gift. Beard gifts, although they may not usually be your first port of call, could be the ideal gift you’re after for those big occasions.

Beard Gifts - A Guide For The Bearded Man In Your Life

Although some of us don’t want to talk about that “Christmas” word just yet, the festive season will soon be upon us, and it’s never too early to start searching for those perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Today, I’ve teamed up with The English Shaving Company to bring you a great gift guide for the bearded man in your life. Whether they’re the clean-shaven type or have a beard that’s their pride and joy, you’ll find a more than suitable contender in this guide!


A common gift for a man, but one that always goes down well. Aftershaves by The English Shaving Company are top-quality, premium products. But, then again, you wouldn’t buy an aftershave that wasn’t! The aim of an aftershave is to not only make a man smell incredible, but it also disinfects and soothes the area being shaved. Instead of opting for a lower priced option and risking a cheap smell, it’s safer to put a bit more money aside and grab a quality aftershave.

The Full Beard Grooming Kit

When thinking about beard gifts for the, well, bearded man, the full grooming kit is probably your best choice. Not only do they include all the essentials you’ll need for your man to tame, trim and tackle that facial hair, but they usually come in a very snazzy presentation box.

Inside a grooming kit, you’ll more than likely find beard oil, balms, combs, brushes and scissors. Depending on the size of your kit, you may even find bigger products, such as beard trimmers. If you know your recipient well enough, it should be pretty easy to decipher which beard grooming kit would be the best suited.

Shaving kits

For men who appreciate the clean-shaven look, the perfect beard gifts come in the form of shaving kits. Similar to the full grooming kit, a shaving kit will include all those lovely essentials to get a smooth-shaven face. Not only will the products in these kits be perfect for a shave, they’ll also smell divine too.

Individual items included in your standard shaving kit include shaving soaps, razors, creams, balms and of course, aftershave. Who doesn’t love the smell of aftershave? One piece of advice, however; if you’re buying a man a grooming or shaving kit this Christmas, don’t forget to tell them to clean the sink afterwards!

Beard Gifts - A Guide For The Bearded Man In Your Life

Razors and trimmers

Buying fancy individual razors and trimmers can be a man’s best friend. There’s nothing quite like using a premium product to make you feel a million dollars. Trimming and shaving can be a messy job, but with the right product, you can keep excess hair to a minimum.

Razors are great for having a close shave, whereas a beard trimmer can do wonders for a precision shave or to shorten a longer beard. Depending on the look your recipient wants to achieve, you’ll be able to fulfil these wishes with a premium device.

Beard shampoo

Yes, it’s true; shampoo for beards does exist! Beard hair is a lot thicker than the hair on your head, so having a specific shampoo for your beard can nourish it properly, giving it all the goodness it needs to stay clean and healthy. Some shampoos can lightly exfoliate the skin underneath too, giving an even fresher feel after the shower. Encourage your recipient to use the shampoo regularly to keep their beards in great shape. You could also create the ultimate beard care package by including some oils and balms with your shampoo. These products always work really well together and your recipient will always have well looked after facial fuzz.

Beard oils and balms

Similar to beard shampoos, beard oils and balms can keep a beard in tip top condition. These products can leave a beard feeling smooth and well-conditioned, as well as promoting hair growth and hydrating the skin. Men can often find keeping a beard slightly uncomfortable and itchy, so to prevent things like this happening, a little oil or balm could be just the trick.

Beard baubles!

Of course, a bearded man at Christmas would just not be complete without some novelty beard baubles! If you’ve not heard of the bauble craze just yet, it’s basically a silly way of decorating your beard throughout the festive seasons. We’ve seen men with mini baubles, tinsel and even small lights embedded into that facial hair; maybe leave the food shop to someone else to avoid embarrassment!

Beard gifts to make them smile.

If you’re in need of something a little extra special for that bearded guy this Christmas, then this guide should definitely help to give you some ideas. Gone are the days where the only suitable male gifts you can think of are socks and slippers! The internet combined with a great selection of high street shops available to us today make it incredibly easy to browse, purchase and receive products direct to our doors.


Which beard gifts from our guide would you be more likely to purchase for men?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful.


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