13 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations This Coming Holiday

Jingle bells are ringing, meaning it’s time for some holiday traveling!

A two-week vacation off of school means you have enough time to spend a merry vacation with the entire family. So as a treat, we’ve come up with a list of family-friendly travel destinations that you can fly to this holiday season. We also recommend you to check the destination club faq before you choose where to travel. 

Top Christmas Destinations For New Parents

A carry-on luggage for each member of the family is enough to fill with some jolly good memories! Let’s start the Christmas adventure ball rolling!

New York City, USA

Ah! Christmas in New York is probably one of the merriest in the world. Carriage rides, ice skating at Bryant Park and Central Park, lights show at Saks Fifth Ave., and the mesmerizing Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree are just some of the holiday traditions in NYC that you shouldn’t miss.

Once the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade commences, it’s the holiday cheer that comes next.

It’s a contagious vibe that everyone should experience at least once in your lives. But once you’ve experienced it, you would want to do it over and over again; that’s how lovely it is to spend the most wonderful time of the year in New York City.

London, England

If you’re looking for a carnival of Christmas spirit from a different continent, you should consider London, England, on your list. 

Warm scones on a wintry holiday night is a delight for everyone, including the oldies and the kids. It does get better when you go out from the comforts of your holiday home and start exploring the streets with all its unique markets for world-class shopping and Christmas lights spectacle.

If you want to have a good view of all these festive vibes, you might want to spend a fortune and stay at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. It’s the only hotel sitting right on Hyde Park and a stone’s throw away from the best shopping centers in the city like Harrods and Harvey Nichols.

Leave the kids playing around the room (with close supervision, of course by at least one adult) while the rest shop to their heart’s desire at nearby shopping markets.

Woodstock, Vermont

If you’re looking for something more magical to spend the holiday season in, Christmas in Vermont is definitely on the list.

Old town holiday charm and snow-laden streets will welcome you right into this Christmas town. Once you see a parade of over 50 horses and riders on their period dresses and holiday costumes, you’re right on time for their pre-holiday festival, the Wassail Weekend.

It’s a merry celebration with all the sleigh rides, caroling and tree lighting ceremonies. Even the shops stay open late at night with their Christmas-decorated windows lit up for everyone to see and be amazed at.

To truly get into this town’s Christmas vibe, stay at the Woodstock Inn to get the best of the local holiday experience.

Quebec City, Canada

There’s something about snow and Christmas lights that make for a magical celebration. Quebec City turns into a beautiful Christmas village come wintertime like it was entirely made for this season.

Bring the whole family to the German-style Grand Marche Christmas Market for some Christmas shopping that both kids and adults will surely enjoy. You can also have a ball at the Aquarium Light Festival, La Parade des Jouets (The Toy Parade), and have a meet and greet with Santa at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac.

Quebec City
Quebec City

While you’re here, you should put Petit Champlain District on your itinerary for a superb postcard-perfect photo opportunity with the whole family, as it is brimming with Christmas lights and decor matched with the charm of historical architecture.

Hawaii, USA

Not born for the cold? Don’t fret. We have something on this list for you.

Christmas isn’t always filled with snow. Some countries celebrate the holidays in their sunshine-covered piece of land. That’s Hawaii for you, ladies and gents.

Although it is winter in the country during this time, the island is not covered in snow and is surprisingly warm during the day. Your luggage will be free from heavy jackets and winter clothes, as it will be replaced with light bikinis, tankinis, and all the mini outfits you can think of for this summer-y place.

The kids will surely enjoy a walk along the beach! You definitely should let them try water activities available on the island like kayaking, surfing, parasailing, but only if they are old enough for it!

Bethlehem, Israel

Celebrating Christmas at the site where Christ was born is undoubtedly one of the best ways to do the holidays right. Besides, it’s the main reason why we are celebrating.

To be in Bethlehem during this time of the year is unparalleled with all the memorable annual celebrations.

To celebrate Christmas in Israel will also be an opportunity for you to see how different religions celebrate the season. This might be a good time for you and your kids to be schooled about certain religious traditions and cultures.

Try to make the most out of this trip by visiting nearby Holy sites like Nazareth, where Jesus grew up and Jerusalem for all the biblical places you can experience for yourself.

But just because Israel is the Holy Land doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of festive lights and Christmas markets! They can give you some wicked holiday vibes, so you better be ready. You can go straight to their Hanukkah markets after all the walking and praying.

The North Pole, Alaska

Don’t you ever want to visit Santa Claus in his hiding place? Kids would love to see their favorite big guy in the flesh with all his elves wrapping Christmas gifts!

Imagine the joy of your kid when he’s back from the holiday vacation, telling all his friends that he went to the North Pole, and got the chance to meet Santa! That’s one fantastic childhood memory that you would want to gift your child with.

But since the secret’s out for adults, there are still a lot of spots for you in this Alaskan town. Head over to Kris Kringle Drive, Mistletoe Lane, or Santa Claus Lane for the annual North Pole Christmas in Ice Contest, where ice sculptors from around the world showcase their talents.

Apart from all this Christmas joy, you know what else is there to look forward to in this town? The stunning Aurora Borealis. ‘Tis the season for the northern lights!

Edinburgh, Scotland

With reindeers and snowman in every corner, the Yuletide season in Scotland is one of the many good places to celebrate the holidays.

Family-Friendly Activities in Scotland
Edinburgh Castle

They reward everyone visiting their place with festivals, concerts and a lot of other holiday celebrations until the beginning of January. That’s how long they keep the Christmas vibe going.

You might want to extend your stay up to their famous Hogmanay, which is one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world.

Lapland, Finland

Locals have found a way to make Lapland Santa’s unofficial home. How? They made it through their world-renowned Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi. 

It’s a stunning display of all things Christmas from their sleigh rides to watching Santa’s elves do their thing. You can even get your own mail stamped from Santa’s office!

It’s a Yuletide delight for kids and kids at heart.

Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa Claus must be confused as to where his real home is.

This small Indiana town named after everyone’s favorite big-bellied man calls themselves America’s Christmas hometown because why not? It’s inspired by Christmas, and they sure go all out when the holiday season arrives.

They even receive thousands of letters each year addressed to Santa! Who are we to tell them Santa isn’t real, right? That is why these letters are very well responded to by Santa’s little workers.

Let’s not spoil the fun for children, shall we?

The Canary Islands, Spain

Spending Christmas in this 900-mile coastline is something out of the ordinary. It’s not your usual snow village display but rather a view of the nativity scenes sculpted from the sea sand.

The Canary Islands in Spain has several Christmas markets clad with traditional pastries like Truchas and open-air concerts for everyone.

You will feel that the season has kicked in when houses and establishments start being lit up by fairy lights and Christmas ornaments. They usually light them up on December 1st.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Noche Buena is a big thing in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A huge feast composed of traditional dishes made out of pork, rice, and beans is usually their way of celebrating Christmas on this side of the world.

If we have eggnog as our favorite Christmas drink, they have coquito, which is the same thing but with added ingredients.

You can also roam around this cobblestone town and watch parades while carolers entertain you with their own crazy songs and antics. 

At Sea

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you always have to spend it on land. You may also hop on a cruise and celebrate the merriest season of the year sailing down the ocean.

There are holiday voyages that you can experience for yourself, which can take you from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean. They can even stop by Christmas markets along European rivers like Rhone, Seine, Rhine, and Danube.

And if you think they don’t have enough Christmas activities up their sleeves, well then, you are wrong. They have the most fun Ugly Sweater contest and holiday shows that will have you laughing for days! They even go the extra mile to put up massive Christmas trees!

They are ready for your holiday longing, so you might want to check out the Royal Caribbean Carnival (featuring the Grinch), the Norwegian, and Disney’s Very Merrytime Cruises if you wish to spend the season aboard the ship.

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