Twisty Girlz: Transforming Doll to Collectible Bracelet – Review

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We really like the Twisty Petz from Spinmaster and was excited to see that they have expanded their range to include the Twisty Girlz. The first thoughts we had were how would a girl transform into a bracelet? Well, we were very excited to find out! If you don’t know about the Twisty Petz/Girlz here is a little more info.

Twisty Girlz Transforming Doll to Collectible Bracelet - Review

What are the Twisty Girlz?

Like the Twisty Petz, the Twisty Girlz transforms from girl to bracelet and back again. The Twisty Petz go from pet to bracelet and back again. You can also join two pets together to make a necklace. It only takes a few twists to make the girls into gorgeous bracelets. Simply pull apart the torso and skirt and connect the ends.

Each Twisty Girlz had her own unique outfit and style, not forgetting their cool hairstyle and secret Twisty pet. Their pet arrives in a pet carrier, and you don’t know what they look like until you open up the carrier.

Twisty Girlz surprise pet carrier

Included is a leash to connect the doll to the pet. The dols will transform into your bracelet and the secret pet into a blingy ring (just pull the head and tail) with the pet leash turning into a hand chain piece of jewellery.

Twisty Girlz Braclet - Kitty Katt
Twisty Girlz Bracelet - Kitty Katt with ring
Twisty Girlz Bracelet - Kitty Katt

Included in the packs:

  • 1 Twisty Girlz Bracelet
  • 1 Ring
  • 1 Lead
  • 1 Instruction Sheet
  • 1 Collector’s Guide

What we think

I think they are the ideal doll for girls aged 4 and over. Especially if they love animals, jewellery, and dolls! If your child loves fidget toys, then I also believe they will find these amazing. We both love transforming them into bracelets then back into the stylish dolls. The pets are a little tricky to turn from the ring back, but with plenty of tries, we got there in the end!

Glitzy Bitzy and Kitty Katt

They are brilliant collectibles highly detailed, with 4 dolls in this range: Kitty Kat and Glitzy Bitzy who we got and then there is Krystal Kool and Lea-Purr (super rare doll) as well. There are these secret pets to find – unicorn, elephant, puppy, and kitty.

Priced with an RRP £9.99 I think they are great value, with lots of play and will make a great gift for a young child who is about to start their Twisty Girlz collection.

Twisty Girlz Bracelet - Kitty Katt with ring

Where can I buy Twisty Girlz?

You can buy the Twisty Girlz collectible dolls from Smyths, *Amazon, and Argos.

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