The Magic World of Magformers Construction Sets – Review

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I’ve been having conversations with L around magnets and why the stick to the fridge. Funny how 4 year olds are full of questions! Numerous times a day she points her hand up and say “Mummy I have a question”. More than likely I get “Mummy I have another question”. So I’ve been trying to explain to her simply about magnets. Thank you A-Level Physics! The Magformers construction set that arrived was perfect in our quest of learning about magnetism.

Magformers sets - Maggy's House Set

Each Magformers set contains various pieces in simple geometric shapes: triangles, squares, rhomboids and many other shapes that can easily connect only using the power of the built-in magnets.

With high quality, durable construction and intelligent magnetic design, the possibilities of building are endless.

How Does Magformers work?

I’ve been explaining to L that a magnet has a positive and negative pole. The opposite poles of the magnet attract each other while the same poles of the magnet repel each other. The neodymium magnets which are encapsulated within all the edge surfaces of Magformers make Magformers rotate to any direction and connect each other regardless of their position when two Magformers are brought together.

The Magic World of Magformers Construction Sets - Review

Educational Features With Magformers Sets

Magformers inspire children’s creativity and assist with 3D brain development. We have been enjoying making 2D shapes then turning them into 3D ones. By doing this, you can feel the attraction of the magnets to each other, and learning. L found this hilarious!

Building with Magformers Playsets

What We Thought

We love the simplicity of the Magformers. It’s very easy to build structures, then knock them down to build again. The pieces are bright and colorful, with the magnets safely sealed within the pieces. The small magnets inside the pieces can rotate in any direction. They always connect and never repel when two Magformers are brought together. No preschooler frustrations!

We received Maggy’s House as our Magformers set. It contains 33 pieces and you can build over 26 models. 12 + Basic models and shapes such as a butterfly. 4+ Planar models such as cubes, and 10+ Maggy’s house designs. Included is a detailed booklet with all the shapes and models in.

We are thoroughly enjoying constructing many house designs and models. It’s therapeutic fun for all of us. It comes with a highly detailed instruction book for building all types of houses.

Magformers - building houses with L

Maggy’s House Features

  • Makes 26 different magnetic models.
  • It contains 17 magnetic Magformers shapes, 15 accessories, and a girl character figurine.
  • Home-making accessories include a bed, bath, tv, and windows – plus a cute car.
  • Collect all four mini-world sets in the series to build mega Magformers mansions.
  • Creative and inspiring construction toy.
  • This 33-piece set is compatible with any other Magformers set but is specifically designed to combine with the three other sets in the 2019 mini world series – Minibot the robot chef, Milo the dog and Max the boy. And when joined together all four sets make a series of mega-mansions for the friends to live in and play happily.
  • Suitable for ages 3 years +

Where Can I Buy Magformers?

You can buy Magformers from Amazon, and most good toy shops.


You can find more info here on Magformers.

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