The Best Toys for Your Child’s Development

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Playing for children is not only fun but also helps them develop their motor abilities. It is during this phase that they develop in terms of communication, cognitive abilities, social and psychomotor skills. Through play, parents and guardians can quickly understand how their children emote fear, anxiety, happiness, and excitement.

The Best Toys for Your Child’s Development
The Best Toys for Your Child’s Development

Play is the inverse of work and children adopt different forms of play which helps them develop at certain stages and phases of growth in an environment. The first thing of contact after the parents is an object the child can interact with. This is otherwise known as a toy. For most babies, a toy is anything they fumble with. For every stage of child development, there are toys a child needs to come in contact with through interaction. Educational toys can help children formulate, learn and enhance different skills.

It is a good idea to buy toys online. That way, you’re under less pressure and you can read the reviews before making your decision. Here is a list of suitable toys that can enhance child development in their different selected phases of growth.

0-12 Months Old

This is the earliest stage and it marks the beginning of child development. Sensory nerves get developed during this stage. As growth continues, parents can introduce toys that cause interaction. Audiovisual and aural coordination develops. These toys help children build confidence. Also, self-admiration and character tend to develop as the child grows. A list of great toys for 0-12-month-old baby includes:

  • Activity mats
  • Bath Toys
  • Blocks
  • Portable toys with light and sound

1-2 years old

At this stage, children begin to be mobile and may require support or assistance in movement. Cognitive abilities have improved and interaction development has increased. Introducing the right toy at this phase is also crucial for development as these toys will help enhance balance and coordination to your child’s mobility. Toys that can help them learn numbers by counting steps while walking could help them get familiar even if they can’t yet comprehend it. Themed playsets are also great toys that develop and enhance a child’s recognition skills through buttressing shapes and colours. Examples of toys that can help at this stage include:  

  • Push Cars
  • Stride and ride toys
  • Walkers
  • Themed toys and books

2 Years and above

This is the activity phase for children. In this stage, your child is active or more active with developed skills through interaction with the environment and stimulation of sensory parts. Mobility is being perfected and at this age, parents can introduce physical plays along with other plays using more advanced toys. Parents can show them how to use a bicycle or more preferably a tricycle. They can teach them the safety measures of using a helmet and wearing protective gear. At this phase, children’s senses are stimulated and they tend to always try new and sometimes dangerous things without them knowing. Drawing and writing skills are developed at this stage as cognitive abilities become more static in their development. Reading with your child and also involving yourself in the child’s plays through board games, role-playing, riding a tricycle or bicycle can effectively develop their self-esteem. Playing with the right toys at this stage can deepen self-importance and their self-awareness. Examples of the toys involved at this stage include:

  • Board games
  • Tricycles
  • Bowling sets
  • Magnetic building blocks
  • Crayons and plasticine
  • Counting toys

Play is important in child growth and development. A parent can easily identify a child’s abilities, character and overall outlook on life. Parents must partake in these stages of child development as they are the most crucial time of all. The works sell toys for every stage of a child’s development. You can order straight from your couch, and be ready to play the next day.

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  1. Wow really learnt from this blog post, I care for my grandchildren as their parents all work & child development is so important,I do a lot of activities with them & I enjoy it as much as they do

  2. Some great ideas here, I work with youngsters who have a lack of development skills and playing is one of the key ways we help them. Great reviews. x

  3. Really helpful info here. I have different ages of kids and sometimes it is a but of a chore trying to find a toy that would help educate. Thanks

  4. I found this really helpful as I have a 1 year old niece who is my first niece so I am a little clueless on what I am meant to be looking at for presents at her age group.

  5. Thank’s for this post , i work with a child who can be quite picky with what they play with this was very insightful into what toys i should be introducing her too.

  6. It’s amazing how toys play a role in child development as well as being great entertainment. I enjoyed reading your post about it. Thank you.

  7. An interesting blog post. My great grandson, Arlo, is 2 and a half and he loves to play and be read to. His favourite thing at the moment is counting and making the noise that animals make!

  8. Great post child development is so important there are some really good toys and things we can do these days with them. I look after my little grandson a lot and I think also going to their level and doing messy stuff as well is good. Like jumping in mud haha well this nana does !

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