HEXBUG Nano Flash Playground Set and Nano Orbit – Review

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I love toys that keep L busy. She gets bored quickly if she is not interested. But when we received the HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set to test out and review, she absolutely loved it. It kept her occupied for ages. I found it fascinating as well!

HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set - Review

We are firm fans of all the toys at HEXBUG but have a particular fondness for the nanos. They are intriguing to watch as they vibrate around the track.

Product Description

Build the fun with nano® Playground! This playset has everything you need to get inspired! The nano playground features 8 jelly walls and connectors to create the ultimate track. Add the 2 ramps and 2 merry-go-rounds into the mix and your 2 nano and an all-new nano Flash are in for a real obstacle course! The nano Flash’s slender redesign optimizes agility through your intricate course and its newly integrated LED lights will illuminate the track. Don’t hold back because your nanos never will! These sensory toys are designed for hours of autonomous fun!

HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set - Review - all the pieces
HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set - Review

What is the HEXBUG nano?

The HEXBUG nano is a collectible micro robotic creature that acts like a real bug. It propels itself forward by being powered by a small motor. The motor moves the robotic creature upwards. Here is where my A-Level Physics comes in handy! So the motor moves the nano up and the force of gravity pushes it back down. The offset of this, (downforce) causes the nanos legs to bend, so he moves forward and then the opposite reaction – up force causes him to hop. The movement is so fast, it’s difficult to see. All we see is the nano moving forward in a hopping motion.

What We Thought

The HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set is so much much. It’s fantastic to build and set up the track, then even more amazing to watch the nano’s going around. In this set, you get the amazing twice as fast flash nano that features LED lights flashing when he’s in motion. Included are two regular nanos also. They look slow compared to the flash nano!

Putting the jelly walls track together  - Hexbug nano playground

We have spent ages watching the nanos scuttle around the track like real bugs. They use vibration technology to get around. Don’t worry if they get onto their backs as they vibrate themselves back over! It reminded us of woodlice, the way they move around!

They have complete minds of their own and will scuttle around your track. The jelly walls to make the track perimeter can be used any which way you want. Build the track of your dreams! It really is a playground with the two merry-go-rounds included, as you watch the nanos play.

Putting the  track together  - Hexbug nano playground

The HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set is the ideal place to start off exploring gadgets and robotic toys. It’s good for sensory play – I cannot stop touching the jelly walls. L loves to hold them up to her cheek!!

L with her HEXBUG nano Flash Playground Set

Hexbug Nano Orbit

The Nano Orbit playset is perfect for a starter set in the nano world, or as a bumper pack to boost your larger playsets. Included are 6 jelly walls and 6 connectors as well as 1 nano and 1 flash nano like the one that’s included in the playground set.

We think it’s a fantastic playset with hours of fun. Build your playground for the micro-robotic creatures, set them off, and then sit back and watch! They will look after themselves if they get stuck or turn over, just watch and see.

Where Can I buy the HEXBUG nano Flash Playground and Nano Orbit?

You can buy direct from the Hexbug website and *Amazon.


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