The Homemade Way to Enjoy Christmas

It’s time – uninstall the Amazon app, forget about that trip to Argos, and chuck those bauble-festooned takeaway menus in the bin. 

This Christmas you’re not relying on the heft of multinational corporations to put you in the festive spirit. This year your yuletide cheer is coming from your DIY prowess. 

The Homemade Way to Enjoy Christmas

That’s right – 2020 is the perfect time to have a Christmas of crafting.

After years of reliance on internet shopping, the notion of crafting an entire Christmas on your own might seem daunting. 

But fear not – because we’ve put together this excellent tips guide to help you get crafty and fill the wintriest time of year with some homemade charm. 

Stock up on materials

Before you can make any Christmas decorations or gifts, it’s important to stock up on craft material ahead of schedule. 

For plenty of decent and durable wire, head to Ormiston Wire. If you’re planning on crafting a few Christmas decorations, we’d recommend a trip to your local branch of The Works for a treasure trove of paint, pipe cleaners and tools. And for larger material, your local Homebase is ideal for plywood and multi-tools. 

Make sure you’re stocked up ahead of time and you’ll make your crafty Christmas a dawdle. 

Get your kids involved

A crafting Christmas shouldn’t be lonely. Instead try to involve everyone in your home. Delegate tasks to your kids and your partner to see what objects they can make. You could even turn crafting into a fun competition, with the winner of the best design receiving an extra special prize. 

The perfect crafting atmosphere is a communal one – don’t lose sight of that while you work.

Make your items reusable

In our ecologically friendly era, there’s virtue in creating reusable items. Why not make some Christmas stockings for each member of your family that they can use year after year? Or how about an advent calendar that can be annually restocked with chocolate goodies? 

These are only two suggestions of many, but the point is a pertinent one – make sure your items are reusable to save you time and expense in the future. 

Paper lights

Christmas lights sap up a ton of electricity, and in many cases they end up breaking before the festive season’s out. So why not try something different with your crafty Christmas? 

Instead of real lights, try cutting out pieces of coloured paper, stringing them together and hanging the end result over your tree like you would real Christmas lights. 

Do this and you’ll save on electricity, avoid a fire hazard and have a tree that still looks fantastic. 

Check Etsy for inspiration

Is your well of ideas running dry? Then it’s time to scour the internet for some much-needed inspiration.

If you need a fresh outlook on crafting, then your first port of call should be Etsy, the site where professional makers sell their wares. 

The site is crammed with Christmas goods, most of which are entirely handmade. Where better to turn when you need some festive inspo? 

That’s our list! Do you prefer a homemade Christmas or will you be buying online this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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