4 Tips for Throwing a Successful Christmas Party

With so many companies currently working from home, office Christmas parties are a bit out of the question. If you’re still craving the eggnog and good cheer, have no fear. You can grab the reindeer reigns yourself and start planning a home holiday party!

A successful Christmas party is a present that anyone can give. Check out some of our best tips for throwing the holiday bash of the season.

#1 Set the Seasonal Mood

When your neighbors have three decorated trees and enough lights to be seen from space, holiday decorating can start to feel like a competition. If you’re pressed for time or simply exhausted, it’s more than okay to keep it simple with the decor. 

For a cozy ambiance, hang a few starburst lights or even a wall of light strands behind a gauzy curtain for that inside-a-snow-globe feeling. To keep things airy and light, hook up a speaker to fill the room with Ella Fitzgerald’s smooth tones. And if you want both entertainment and atmosphere, why not play a festive film in the background?

#2 Get Properly Costumed

Without the posh red velour suit, Santa would just be your average bearded gentleman. Christmas parties need a little fashion flair to set the holiday spirit high! Keep it lighthearted, and your guests will have the most fun in decades playing dress-up:

  • Ugly Christmas sweater – Timeless and unflattering on everyone, this is a truly egalitarian costume. Embrace the chunky cable-knit and unsightly glitter accents with your favorite ugly Christmas sweater (there’s a funky graphic to fit every taste).
  • Santa hats – Give homage to the big man and buy enough Santa hats for the whole crowd to enjoy (dogs and cats included).
  • Rudolph noses – There’s a Christmas classic for everyone. If Frosty isn’t your cup of tea, try playing the role of Rudolph, instead—just make sure your guests include you in their reindeer games!

#3 Be the Snack Queen 

Christmas Party

Ditch the diet-mentality and give your guests all the rich goodies they deserve this year.

Sweets are a must around Christmas—after all, what are the holidays without a frosted sugar cookie? If you’re hosting a smaller group, whip up a show-stopping dessert. For larger groups, stick with individual treats (think brownies, cake pops, or even gingerbread cookies that your friends can decorate). 

Want to be the hostess with the most-ess? Serve your friends hot appetizers with the help of a warming tray. They’ll be singing your praises between bites of stuffed mushroom caps and melted brie. 

#4 End with a Party Favor 

Not to sound greedy, but goodie bags might just be the greatest part of childhood birthday parties. You get to end things on a high note, and your guests will ooh and ahh over your killer hosting skills (and impeccable taste in bite-sized treats).

Some gift bag staples for a grand party finale include:

  • Hand-written note – Hosting less than twenty or so people? Writing personal thank you cards will leave guests with a lasting impression of your gratitude. 
  • Baked goods – Send your friends off with a tasty treat to fuel their travels. Grab some festive gift wrappers, fill them with your favorite cookies, and add a little bow for a finishing touch. 
  • Ornaments – There’s always room to hang one more ornament. Go all out and order custom bulbs with your party’s calendar date to give guests a cherished memory of a spectacular night. 

Keep Calm and Party On

Whether you’re throwing a boozy bash or a cozy kickback, Christmas parties are the perfect way to remind your loved ones how much you cherish them. We hope you (and your lucky guests) enjoy these tips for hosting the ultimate holiday festivity. 

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