Goodness Gracious Baby Food Review

I love to give baby girl fruit puree’s. We started on them on our weaning journey many months ago. They gave me a piece of mind knowing she couldn’t choke, and also that she was getting her daily intake of fruit. I can honestly say we have probably tried most puree’s on sale, until we were offered to try out the ones from the Goodness Gracious Food Company. These were ones I had never heard of!

Goodness Gracious Food Company

Before I let you know how we got on, here is a little bit about the Goodness Gracious Food Company…..

Goodness Gracious Foods

Goodness Gracious Foods are 100% organic, free-from, balanced recipes made with the best quality ingredients nature provides, gently cooked and packed into pouches for on the go or at home.

They are inspired by ayurveda, which has been around for 5000 years and is the cornerstone of Western medicine.  Ayurveda sets out which foods are best to eat with other foods and which should never be mixed, so gentle for digestion and gut health.

Healthy Food = Healthy Brain, Healthy Body

Goodness Gracious Baby food pouches

The Goodness Gracious range was created by mum of two, Katherine for tiny tummies, and available at ASDA.

The range includes:

  • Apple Purée – simply cooked apples for gentle digestion, vitality, strength and wellbeing. 
  • Pear Purée – a tasty and smooth blend of gently cooked pears that’s easy to digest for good immunity and health.
  • Apple, Apricot and Cinnamon Purée – warming cinnamon perfectly partners apple and naturally sweet apricot to help boost digestion and immunity.
  • Banana, Plum and Quinoa Purée – banana and plum combined with savoury quinoa create a balanced blend packed with fibre, minerals and energy.

Suitable from 4 months +

Goodness Gracious Baby food review

What we thought

I’m so lucky that baby girl is such a good eater (so far!) – touch wood! So she really is up for trying any new tastes and textures. I feel very lucky to have been able to try out the new Goodness Gracious range with her. I of course also have a little taste as well! You have to don’t you?

I’m a huge fan of cinnamon, so that was the first one we tried. My husband gave this one to her. We had a little funny face as she first tasted it then a smile and a mmmmm!

I found this one to taste more of apricot than apple, plus you get the warm cinnamon taste as well. This one is a winner for us!

Next we tried out the pear puree, if I’m being honest this one as well as the apple puree just taste like any other apple or pear puree. They were delicious nonetheless.

Pear Puree from Goodness Gracious Foof Company

Moving onto the Banana, plum and Quinoa puree, this one really intrigued me. It was the first time baby girl has tried the quinoa texture and she really enjoyed it. I have to say I did as well. The rich plum combined with banana does give your mouth a wonderful taste sensation. This one for us is a keeper!

Banana, plum and quinoa puree

The last puree we tried out was the Mango, coconut milk and rice. Baby girl has tried coconut milk before and loved it as well as mango so I knew she would like this one. Again very rich flavours and a thickish consistency which suggests only the very best ingredients are used.

Banana, plum and quinoa puree baby food pouch

My overall thoughts of the Goodness Gracious purees is only of how delightful they are. With no added sugar, gluten-free as well as organic, you know you are only giving your child the best.

Now if only Asda was a tiny bit closer to us!

You can also buy the pouches online from their shop.

Have you heard of the Goodness Gracious purees before?

Thanks for stopping by today.

*We were sent a selection of Goodness Gracious purees to try in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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