Discovered you’re pregnant? Here’s what you should do next with your pregnancy

If you’re here, it can only mean one thing – you’re expecting! Let me first say congratulations. Whether this is your first pregnancy or a subsequent one nothing beats that flutter of excitement knowing that you have a little one on the way! Your mind is probably racing, even though it’s early days there is so much to think about. Baby names, to the gender, preparing a nursery, morning sickness…it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. So, to help I’ve gathered some simple steps you should take to get your pregnancy off to the best start.

Pregnancy the early days Discovered you’re pregnant? Here’s what you should do next!
Discovered you’re pregnant? Here’s what you should do next!


As I mentioned above, it’s completely natural to feel a little overwhelmed. Your hormones are probably all over the place and you might be feeling ecstatic one moment and then terrified the next. At this stage, it’s best to take your time, breathe and do positive things. Avoid telling people who might want to bombard you with their own negative birth stories that include birth injuries, anoxia and assisted births. You don’t need that right now. Your priority is you, your baby and your family. 

Speak to your GP 

Do this as soon as possible. Not only will they confirm your pregnancy for definite, but they’ll get the ball rolling and get you in touch with a midwife, and all the prenatal care providers you’re going to need. Your first appointment with your midwife will take place between 8-12 weeks and it’s known as your “Booking appointment”, this is where you’ll get to know you midwife and they’ll ask you lots of questions relating to your general health if you’ve had any previous pregnancies or complications etc. You’ll also get the opportunity to discuss any worries or queries you might have. The antenatal appointments that follow will take you all the way through your pregnancy.  

Start taking folic acid

This supplement is a must for every pregnancy. And if you haven’t started taking it, then your midwife will certainly recommend it. This little supplement is readily available in supermarkets and at your local pharmacy. Folic acid helps with your baby’s brain and spinal cord development. If you’re unsure then speak to your pharmacist or your midwife for some more advice.

Make some positive changes

Now you have a baby on the way you need to start investing in their health and yours too! If you smoke, then simply put its time to stop. Smoking increases the risk of complications. We all like a drink, especially after a long week but reducing your alcohol intake is an absolute must! Most health professionals recommended cutting out alcohol entirely but speak to your midwife for more information.  

Stay fit in pregnancy!

Keeping fit and exercising is a great step towards a healthy pregnancy and looking after yourself. If you regularly exercised before pregnancy, then you should continue as long as it is safe to do so. Again, speak to your midwife for confirmation as every pregnancy is different! Low impact exercises are ideal if you’re not a regular exerciser, so swimming, walking, and yoga are great options!  

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