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Every baby is an individual. Some have lots of hair. Others have very few strands or nothing at all. Regardless of whether your baby has gorgeous locks or barely any at all, ensuring your baby has a clean, healthy scalp and hair is an essential part of your little one’s hygiene.  It’s critical to use a natural organic baby shampoo that doesn’t have harsh chemicals for your little one’s sensitive skin.

Made Of - The Best Organic Baby Shampoo

Why Your Baby Needs A Shampoo

Because your baby is not like an adult who works up a sweat, using styling products is not a must for them. They do not need the same level of deep cleaning your hair requires. You do not even have to wash their hair daily, only when gets it gets dirty. However, when it is time to wash your baby’s hair, you will want to do so with organic baby shampoo, formulated to gently wash and cleanse your baby’s hair without being harsh and or very drying on their sensitive skin.

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Types of Baby Shampoo

The baby shampoo section of your local grocery store offers an overwhelming number of options for your baby’s hair. It is crucial that you know first-hand that there are various kinds of baby shampoo. Just like the adult shampoo, shampoo for a baby can fit into several categories. Here are some things you should understand about the world of baby shampoo.

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Organic Versus Natural 

Personal care products are regulated differently than food products in the United States. In the U.S., food undergoes strict regulations to be deemed organic, but personal care products do not. There is no formal definition for the terms “natural” or “organic” when dealing with personal care products. That means a manufacturer could deem a product to be natural or organic when, in truth, there is very little organic content or through the manufacturing process, the natural ingredients are ineffective. 

Thus, it’s crucial to look for accreditation seals, such as NSF Organic Standard, EWG verified, USDA Certified Biobased Product, Vegan Certified, and Leaping Bunny. When a product displays one or more of these symbols, it means that the manufacturer has chosen to submit their products for voluntarily testing. Each certification service has its own strict guidelines relevant to their category. This often includes not only product testing, but manufacturing processes, sustainability, and animal welfare.

Organic ingredients have been used through the ages. However, as interest in all-natural products grew, manufacturers could not meet consumer demand due to the limitations of traditional production methods. To meet demand, and to compete with other products, cheap substitute ingredients are sometimes added. Also, in the drive towards delivering affordable products, manufacturers found ways to extend the shelf life of products with the use of chemicals. Other chemicals have also been included in formulations like surfactants which help in cleaning, as well as foaming agents.

These cheap chemicals do specific things, and they do it well. There are chemicals to make the product sudsier, with better-looking bubbles. Other chemicals are used to create fragrances. Still, other ingredients are meant to prolong the product shelf life for several years. Unfortunately, these non-organic ingredients have been proven to be harmful to the environment, and can also cause health problems in humans.

The alternative is to go back and use traditional organic ingredients. These include easy to source materials like aloe vera, chamomile, coconut oil, and calendula. Organic ingredients are biodegradable and do not have a negative impact on the environment. 

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What are some types of baby washes?

All Over Washes

These are baby shampoos that double as a body wash. It means you can wash your baby with it from head to toe with these all over washes. Look carefully, as these are not all organic baby shampoo.

For Sensitive/Eczema Friendly

All babies have sensitive skin. But, If you have a baby with very sensitive skin or is suffering from eczema, you may want an extra gentle and tender baby shampoo formula. Eczema is common in babies and can cause skin irritation. Babies often develop cradle cap, which needs special attention. Skin care and baby products for use with eczema and cradle cap need to be delicate and gentle on the skin.

What Exactly To Look For In A Baby Shampoo

When looking for a baby shampoo that is best for your baby, keep an eye on the best brands that provide all-natural ingredients that are organically derived, baby safe, and designed for sensitive skin.

  • No tears baby shampoo formula
  • For ultra-sensitive skin
  • NSF Certified Organic Seal (This certifies there are at least 70% organic ingredients by dry weight in the product.)
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What Exactly To Avoid In A Baby Shampoo

Regularly available shampoos that you easily find in grocery aisles or at the beauty section are often strong shampoos laced with harsh chemicals or one of the following ingredients that can harm and irritate your baby’s ultra-sensitive skin, such as:

  • Parabens are preservatives for different formulas but have been shown to affect the production of estrogen hormones. It has been linked to breast tumors.[1] If the ingredients list includes different types of parabens like Butylparaben, Propylparaben, or Methylparaben, look for another product. Parabens can penetrate into the skin and tissue.
  • Phthalates are used as solvents for consumer products but have been found that it can damage internal organs like the liver, kidney, and lungs. It has also been believed to affect the reproductive system, including the developing testes in young males, but its effects are still being evaluated.[3]
  • SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a foaming agent and is added to consumer products to produce plenty of foam. It is also a skin irritant. [4]
  • Perfume or fragrance is a common ingredient in consumer products, including those for babies. However, studies have found that commercially made fragrances have toxic components which are known hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors, can cause weight gain, and human carcinogens.[5]

The Perfect Baby Shampoo Products

There are several baby hair care products in the market today, and choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. But, truth is only a handful of them stand out, and one of them is very well worth the mention. The all-natural and organic baby hair care products from MADE OF are certified organic and their ingredients that are of the highest standards.

The skin and scalp of your baby are highly delicate, and it requires the utmost and sensitive care possible. Cleaning your baby with plain water can at times suffice. However, using organic baby care cleaning products is a must at times. With the market brimming with products, finding the best one can be overwhelming. So, which baby shampoo is the best?


MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash

MADE OF organic baby wash and baby shampoo promises an effective and very gentle baby shampoo and wash for your baby. This unique baby blend is guaranteed sulfate-free. It will never strip off natural oils from your baby’s skin that serves as a protection from irritation. When you use MADE OF products, you can rest assured that your baby is not being bathed with a bunch of toxic chemicals that you can hardly pronounce. This natural formula has soothing organic formulations such as calendula and chamomile, to help clean your baby and keep them bacteria-free. This formulation helps get rid of curb flakes as well as cradle cap. The price is only $13.00.

Try MADE OF Samples For Just $2

For those that want to sample before they buy a standard size, MADE OF sells a trial size for only $2. It is the same formulation as the MADE OF Foaming Organic Baby Shampoo & Body Wash sold in its regular size 


MADE OF Newborn Organic Essential Birth Kit Bundle

MADE OF Newborn Organic Essential Birth Kit Bundle is a perfect baby kit for your newborn baby. It includes everything you will ever need in a single packaging including a diaper for your newborn, an 80-count pack of baby wipes, a 20-count pack of travel wipes, with an all-organic range of baby powder, diaper cream, baby lotion, and baby shampoo and wash. It includes the talc-free Calming Organic Baby Powder, which is made from plant starches and oils. The Moisturizing Organic Baby Lotion helps keep sensitive skin moisturized and prevent irritation. Nourishing aloe vera and organic oats in its formula. The Organic Diaper Rash Cream is made for baby’s sensitive skin. It calms irritated babies with its blend of organic oils and has non-nano zinc oxide. The Travel Wipes and Baby Wipes are both alcohol-free and are saturated in organic oils and other healthy ingredients.


MADE OF Organic Bath and Body Kit Bundle

The MADE OF Organic Bath and Body Kit Bundle is the best bath time kit for your baby. It consists of body wash, baby shampoo, foaming hand soap, and body lotion. They are all specially manufactured from plant-based ingredients that are made to soothe, and not strip off the skin of its natural oils. Remove baby’s dirt and bacteria with MADE OF bath kit for only $30.

The Takeaway

You might not know it, but what you place on your baby’s skin – good or bad, may find its way through the skin of your baby and into their bloodstream, and then creep up to the tiny organs of your baby. This invasion of harmful chemicals is often negligible. But in the long run, the continued use of toxic products can take a toll on your baby’s tiny body, and lead to a wide array of health problems resulting in cancer, and hormone disruption, and organ damage. Remember, whatever you introduce to your baby’s skin and body, may affect their health later on.


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