Baby Diaries #5 – Injections

Last week we had the dreaded 8 week injections although ours were at nearly 10 weeks due to the baby boom in our area. The appointments were all fully booked around the time we needed them. Never mind we have had them.

Ours were at 4pm. I don’t like them at this time of the day because if they have a reaction it’s over night time and not the day. I had baby girls injections in the morning and this was much better. Although they never affected her at all.

Baby Diaries #5 - Injections

This time with baby dottie she got quite warm despite the calpol. She was restless and irritated as well. We ended up giving her the full 3 doses of calpol over the evening and night. With the weather being so hot as well did not help. We give both baby dottie and baby girl coolish baths to help keep them cool. We have yet to try the Infacare bedtime baby bath that Rice Cakes and Raisins suggests to use.

It’s funny as in 2 years since baby girl had hers the injections have changed slightly. They seemed to have got more harsher on the poor babies. Well in my two anyway, but then they say all babies are different.

Baby girl had these injections when she was 8 weeks old back in 2016:





And these are baby dotties last week:

6in1  – Dip/Tet/Pert/Pol/Hib/HepB

MenB Primary

Pneumococcal Primary

Rotavirus Part 1

The Rotavirus is a live vaccine and can cause them to have this, so we were advised to wash hands carefully when changing her nappies for a week.

Now at 10 1/2 weeks old I can say my baby is growing out of her colic and reflux. Some days it doesn’t affect her at all now and others she has little flare ups. But the evenings are now cry free thankfully. I’m still on a dairy free diet for her. I know for myself I actually feel better being dairy free. I’ve not got a bloated feeling anymore and feel I have more energy.

I’m losing my baby weight as well. I’m back into my normal clothes. Whether it’s because I’m running around like an idiot all the time after the baby and toddler or because I’m exclusively breastfeeding I don’t know. But I feel thinner!


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