How Young is too Young to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs?

In today’s world where drugs are being pushed on kids in schoolyards, many parents are asking the question of how young is too young to talk to their kids about drugs. In reality, there is no specific age where you can magically make your kids understand the dangers. Experts do agree that you should start talking to, not preaching about, the risks of substance abuse to your children.


You, of course, do everything you can to prepare them for the world outside, from reading to them to increase their skills from a very young age to monitoring what they see on TV. Sadly, research shows that children as young as nine years of age are already having to make decisions on drug-related issues.

Studies also show that parents who talk to their kids early on about drugs have a success rate of over 40-percent with their children never abusing. While it may be a hard thing to do, talking to your little ones about drug and alcohol is the best way to guarantee they don’t use in the future.

Start Talking to Them Early

While it may seem a little harsh, there is no wrong time to start warning your children about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Start young, by explaining why you’re giving them antibiotics and fever relievers when they are sick. Move into the discussion about how harmful drinking and doing any type of drugs is for them once they get ready to start elementary school and it will be something that is ingrained in them from an early age.

As your children age, keep an eye on them, and if you know anyone, including your teens that have a problem with drugs or alcohol, let them know that there is help with alcohol abuse out there and that you will do everything you can to help them as well.

Don’t Just Talk, Listen

While you want to lay down the law when it comes to drinking and drugs, you don’t want to alienate your children, especially when they hit those awkward teenage years. Tell them what you know about these drugs, then listen to what they have to say. They might just know more than you do.

Make sure to inform your children that just because a drug is legal, such as alcohol, prescription pills, and pot in some states, does not mean that it’s good for them or not addictive. The last thing you want is your kids to think you don’t understand and are just preaching to them. Talk, listen, and then lay down the law if the need arises.

While the need to talk to your children about alcohol and drug abuse may be something you hate to deal with as a parent, it’s the only way to ensure they make the right decision and keep them safe at the same time. After all, you have to let them go at some point, so making sure they are prepared is your best defense.

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