7 Reasons Why Babies Cry and Tips on How You Can Soothe Them

Hello, I hope you are having a great week so far, this weeks 7 series is on Why Babies Cry and How To Soothe Them.

Babies cry for a reason. They are looking to get your attention. Before I had baby girl I read up on lots of little bits and pieces about babies, and Reasons Why Babies Cry and How To Soothe Them was one of them.
7 Reasons Why Babies Cry and Tips on How You Can Soothe Them

Now as a new mum I am starting to distinguish between the different cries from baby girl. These are my findings.
7 reasons why babies cry:
  1. Hunger– I have found this is the most common reason why babies cry. Baby girl is breastfed and when she was first born she used to get really fussy every hour. I found out this was because her stomach was very tiny and breastmilk is easily digested. So I fed her on demand. It’s a great way of building up your milk supply too.
  2. They just want to – Babies sometimes cry for no reason. Baby girl did this when we brought her home for a few hours each evening before bedtime. We called this her fussy time!
  3. Just want to be held – Some babies just want that body contact and closeness of being held. Especially newborns.
  4. Tired – Babies can get over stimulated and then they cry for being over tired. Baby girl is like this when she has been on her play mat for a while.
  5. Nappy needs changing – Some babies don’t like the feeling of a wet nappy. Baby girl is very much like this, she fusses like crazy when she has a wet nappy. Hence an enormous amount of nappy changes! Some babies only cry if their skin gets irritated by a wet nappy.
  6. Too Hot or Too Cold – Babies don’t like to be hot or cold, they like a temperature in between. Roughly around 18 degrees.
  7. Feeling Unwell – If a baby is unwell, you will know. These cries will be different. More high pitched, urgent, continuous and could be weaker. 
These a few tips on how to soothe your crying baby. Every baby is different so some of these might or might not work for you.
  • Babies love sounds. They are used to being inside you hearing your heartbeat. Our baby girl loves any type of music. The sounds of vacuum cleaners and washing machines are said to soothe them as well. You can buy White Noise CD’s as well which are very calming.
  • Rock your baby. They love being rocked gently back and forth, whether in your arms or a baby swing.
  • Baby massage or tummy rub. Gently massage tummy in a clockwise direction, using a lotion or baby oil. I use Johnson’s Bedtime baby lotion. It smells gorgeous!.
  • Babies love to suck on something. Whether it be a dummy or your breast.
  • A warm Bath. Some babies love to have a bath which is very relaxing and soothing.
I hope these tips are very useful to you if you are a new mum. 
If you have any other tips I would love to hear them.
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22 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why Babies Cry and Tips on How You Can Soothe Them

  1. Some really great tips here. I feel like such a bad mum as I never could tell the difference between cries, but something seemed to work as she's alright now five years later! #kcacols

  2. This was a great post! You've definitely listed all the ones most can think of. I do think that babies get fussy when they want to do something in their nappy or when they just have & want to be changed, too! I like that you also added the suggestions for soothing baby as those always come in handy! #KCACOLS

  3. Popping back from #KCACOLS as I really enjoyed this post, simple, informative, compassionate to new mummies 🙂 I like that you included a dummy and didn't spurn the concept as my HV suggested my son use one as he kept choking himself with his fingers and I got lots of negative feedback x

  4. Just wanting to be held is one of the lovely ones tha I remember, the feel of them sink into you contented is a feeling like no other. Your post brings it all back to me. Oh and the complete lack of sleep and feeling like a zombie…..I will go back to looking back with rose tinted glasses and the first point I made lol. It is all worth it x
    mainy – myrealfairy

  5. This post reminds me of when I first had my children. It seemed to take forever to figure out what their cries meant. The 7 things you mentioned are right on target 🙂 I always found changing them, feeding them and rocking them was usually the cure! #KCACOLS
    Jen @Practical, By default

  6. It's been a while since we had a crying newborn! But yes, generally hunger, being cuddled, tired and wind… All soothed by the right winding technique (my hubby always great at this – me not so!), being prepared/ having a routine and lots of love. I make it sound so simple… Lol #kcacols

  7. Ahh lovely tips…I definitely think having lots of things to try is useful…it helps the parents stay sane even if it doesn't stop the crying. We used a sling a lot after the second week and our bath was a tummy tub ( bucket) so the baby is upright which can help with digestion. Uh oh I've got all this to come later in the year! #KCACOLS

  8. Yep. The unexplained crying. I remember it well. Rocking worked really well for mine and also because youngest had colic I used to put a folded muslin under the crib mattress to raise her head ever so slightly and that helped. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS

  9. I found it really hard to know why my baby was crying. And then I'd end up over feeding and he'd throw up. One thing that helped a lot was Euan the dream sheep. my boy still loves him now #KCACOLS

  10. It is so difficult to differentiate between cries, isn't it? This is a useful list for new parents! Seems like you have got it sorted 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up with #KCACOLS. Hope you return next week 🙂

  11. Really useful list for a first time parent. It can be so hard at first, trying to work out why they're crying, it can be helpful to know that sometimes they're just crying because they want to! Babywearing can be really great if you've got a baby that wants to be held all the time. x #KCACOLS

  12. It is amazing how we can intuitively know what they need from their cry – Misery Guts often looks at me like I'm mad when I tell him what it is Little B wants but I'm always right! #KCACOLS

  13. Such a wonderfully helpful post! The bath was our go-to when my son was a newborn, it would instantly calm him. It's such a tough time learning the different cries of a newborn because you very often feel helpless, but now that my son is over a year old our communication is so much better. Thanks so much for sharing <3 #KCACOLS

  14. In the beginning I found it difficult to decipher her different cries, but I have it down to an art now. I wish I could have read this back then which would have probably eased my worry. Thank you for sharing #KCACOLS

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