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Hello and welcome back to another instalment of New Mum Stories. This week I’m featuring Ashleigh from 3 Girls Mummy. Who tells us about her very quick birth of her younger Irish twin.


Over to you Ashleigh


I had my youngest of 3 girls just over 7 weeks ago so I have many stories I could tell throughout the years but I’ll not forget the day after I had my youngest.

Smallest (R) was born 13th July 2016. I went into hospital at 8.30am and she was here by 9.50am! Middle (L) was born 14th July 2015. This makes them Irish Twins. There’s one day less than a year between them.



Because of the quick birth, I seemed much fresher and was back on my feet the day after I had her. Big mistake though!

We had to go to Nursery for my Eldests (T) visit day as she’ll be starting nursery this September.

I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting me to come in seeing as It was 14 days past my due date and I had only given birth the day before.

The teachers faces were completely shocked when I showed up with my OH, T, L and the new addition!

Everyone was cooing over R and I’m pretty sure at one point all the teachers forgot that there were plenty of other children there for the visit!

I had other mums coming up to me and saying that I’m either brave, amazing or completely daft!

I wouldn’t choose to do it again though.
I was in bits for the week after!
*Note to self* Just because you’ve pushed an 8lb 13oz baby out the day before does not make you indestructible! Your body really does need to heal after birth!

Thanks Ashleigh for your New Mum Story

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One thought on “New Mum Stories: 3 Girls Mummy

  1. We have Irish twins in our house to
    My brother and sister -11 months between them
    I’m going to tell me they are twins
    Don’t 6himk they will be impressed xxx

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