WUKA Period Pants Review With Heavy Periods

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Before I had my girls I suffered from painful periods. This had been going on for years and I even used to faint from the pain. However now, after having children the pain is much less, but the periods are now much heavier. As a family, we are consciously reducing our plastic waste and living a more sustainable way of life. And one of the personal changes for me is moving away from sanitary pads which contain lots of plastic. So when WUKA Period Pants got in touch asking if I would like to review their period pants I jumped at the change to see if they would work with heavy periods. So if you are a woman like me this WUKA Period Pants Review is for you!

What are WUKA Period Pants?

The WUKA Period Pants are underwear that you can wear on your period that fully absorbs the blood without any leakage. Disposable sanitary pads and tampons are then not needed.

WUKA Period Pants Review With Heavy Periods

A single pair of WUKA Period Pants has an absorbent gusset made up of layers. The outer moisture-wicking layers keep you secure and dry whilst the middle layers absorb and lock in the blood. The layers are breathable to reduce smells.

Living with WUKA Period Pants – My Thoughts

WUKA kindly sent me two pairs to try out. The Bikini Heavy Flow and the Midi Brief Heavy Flow. As I previously mentioned I have heavy periods so testing out the heavy flow pairs were perfect for me. 

WUKA period pants size 18

Initial thoughts were that they feel really well made and of beautiful quality. Considering they are £21.99 and £24.99 a pair they have to be great for the investment. Just to point out you can buy 3 and 5 packs saving you money.

I felt comfortable wearing the pants throughout my period. I did wear my black jeans with them just in case of leaks, but I needn’t have worried as there was no leakage at all. For my next period I know I can rely on the WUKA Period Pants to protect me and feel confident. 


I wear a size 18, so went for the period pants in the 2XL size and they are perfect. Towards the end of my period, the flow is lighter so I’m going to invest in the medium flow pairs for the end. WUKA has a really great size guide that is easy to follow and their sizes range from UK 4 up to UK 26 which is fantastic for all!

Caring for your WUKA Period Pants

I have rinsed mine in the shower then popped in the washing machine on a dark wash at 30 degrees. But don’t use any fabric conditioner as this can affect the longevity of the pants. Then just pop on the washing line. It’s really that simple to look after your WUKA Period Pants!

how to wash WUKA period pants

Period Poverty

WUKA stands for “Wake Up and Kick Ass” and they have a mission to help end period poverty. Period poverty means a lot to me, as growing up as a family we didn’t have a lot of money and with me and my two sisters and our mum in the house, it was expensive to supply us all with sanitary products and at times there weren’t any sanitary items available. I’m sure you have heard that the government has removed VAT from some menstrual products like pads, tampons & cups, but period pants are still charged the full 20% VAT rate. WUKA is on a mission for the government to apply the same to period pants and therefore they are accessible to all. You can check out their page here for further information.

sustainable period

Latest News

WUKA as a brand is evolving all the time and has recently released their first-ever lace collection: WUKA Lingerie. Their aim is to help you to reconnect with yourself, embrace your sensuality and redefine sexy on your own terms throughout all stages of your cycle. 

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