Why Do We Love B&Bs Sooooo Much?

Most people, when they have a choice between a hotel room and a bed and breakfast room, will systematically choose the B&B option. We love B&Bs! Bed and breakfast are a favourite for short city breaks, romantic getaways, and even overnight travel. It can seem strange at first, especially when you consider that hotel chains can offer a guarantee of standard facilities and services. On the other hand, B&B accommodations tend to be independent, which means that they could potentially be different and follow a variety of comfort and hygiene standards. Admittedly, while the hospitality sector has taken care of defining what guests expect in terms of comfort and cosiness, it’s still difficult to predict what your stay will be like.

Why Do We Love B&Bs Sooooo Much?

Additionally, B&Bs typically offer a smaller range of facilities compared to the same priced hotels – where you can find a gym, a sauna or even a valet service. But still, most people would rather book a room at a B&B than stay at the hotel. What makes B&Bs so popular?

#1. Because they give up back the simple tastes we’ve forgotten

If you’ve stayed in a chain hotel recently, you’ve probably experienced the typical buffet breakfast, which warmed up beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms, alongside a cold buffet of cereals and fruits. Boring, to say the least. Bed and breakfast accommodations are renowned for their homemade cooking. While breakfast options are usually simple, they are always prepared with great care, relying on essential kitchen accessories and local ingredients. After a diet of ready-made porridge bowls at home, enjoying a breakfast that someone has cooked especially for you is a different experience. You might even have your own Proust’s madeleine moment, as you let the taste of fresh eggs and warm muffins take you back to your childhood.

#2. Because they are like staying at your favourite aunt

B&Bs are smaller than hotels, but it doesn’t mean they don’t value comfort. On the contrary, if you’re looking for a good mattress and luxury hotel quality bathrobes, your local bed and breakfast is the best address for it. There is a sense of care for the guests that you can’t find in group hotels. The thick towels, the cosy duvet, and the comfortable bedside chair, B&Bs have a way of making you feel welcome as if you were visiting a relative. You don’t get the mass-produced sheets; you get only the best.  

home cooked breakfast

#3. Because they inject new creativity into our lives

Their unusual homely structure allows B&Bs to create a decor that feels personal and creative. Unlike hotels that tend to sell a room for the night, B&Bs sell the experience. As a result, their bedrooms are designed with great care, assembling colour, artwork, accessories and lighting with style and taste. Additionally, the decor also needs to fit a theme, whether the B&B is an old cottage – in which case, you might find a vintage design –, or a luxurious manor house that marries heavy and rich materials.

Bed and breakfasts bring home closer to you when you’re on the road. They combine simplicity, quality, and creativity to design a unique experience for their guests. Maybe the reason behind our love B&Bs is that they still manage to amaze our inner child.

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