Things to Bear in Mind When Filming Your Wedding

There has been a long-held tradition with hiring a wedding photographer to take your wedding photographs – it is a great way to help you preserve your memories of your special day. However, in recent years it has become more commonplace to hire the services of a professional videographer to also capture live footage of your wedding day either working solo to produce a stunning wedding film, or in cooperation with a wedding photographer to get the best of both worlds.

Things to Bear in Mind When Filming Your Wedding

With the advancements of modern technology, just about everyone has a powerful camera built into their smartphone, and hand-held digital video cameras are now so compact, light and powerful that they can be easily carried in a jacket pocket or small carrying case. But this doesn’t mean that the owner of these devices can be relied upon to capture your wedding and have the necessary skills to produce your wedding video and deliver something in the style that you want.

Why it pays to hire a professional Videographer

Your wedding day will flash by in what will seem like an instant. You will be so full of emotion and so distracted by the events of the day, you will never be quite sure that your big day is being adequately captured for posterity when the task has been left to a friend or relative to perform.

This is why hiring a professional wedding videographer makes perfect sense. Firstly, they will have the experience, skills and knowledge to be able to shoot your wedding film with an eye for detail and lots of careful planning. There is also a good level of emotional disconnection that a professional videographer can deliver that a friend or family member cannot give.

The thing is that you may trust your friend or relative to shoot your wedding film for you, but because they most probably be known to most of your wedding guests, then there it is likely that they will be come distracted by guests coming up to greet them and have a chat. It would be rude of them not to acknowledge anyone that speaks to them, but it does tend to disrupt their filming tasks and may lead to them missing very important elements of your wedding because their focus was with someone else.

Legal considerations

When it comes to filming your wedding, you will also need to take into consideration the legal issues that most people will not be aware of. Filming and sound recordings that involve music pieces, and especially live musicians or a choir, could affect copyright laws and performing rights.

Licences may need to be sourced to allow the capture of these elements, and these can also add to the cost of your wedding. If you are getting married in a church, then it would be wise to discuss this with your vicar to make sure that they have all the correct music licences in place.

In fact, filming a wedding where music is player or poetry is recited should have their copyright checked. You may need to obtain permission from the copyright owners directly, or via the cover of a copyright licence before you can legally record the material.

Check with your church or civil wedding venue in advance to avoid misunderstandings well in advance of your big day.

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