The Strings of a Puppet Master: 5 Signs You’re in a Relationship with a Narcissist

Relationships can be frustrating when one person has a dominate personality trait. Narcissism can be dangerous and robs you of great moments. When things get to the breaking point, it may be time to look at available Family Solicitors London. Staying in a bad relationship is a bad idea, so take action before it gets worse. 

5 Signs You're in a Relationship with a Narcissist
5 Signs You’re in a Relationship with a Narcissist

5. Always Needs Attention

When a kid or pet needs attention, it is considered normal behavior. Children act like children, and pets act like pets. That same type of behavior for an adult is okay in spurts, but not as an all-day thing. At a certain point your partners thirst for attention becomes pure control. That type of control is compounded by selfishness, and in a worst-case scenario, paranoia. All of this becomes a suffocating mix of emotions that is hard to get away from. 

4. Self-Importance

Have you ever heard the phrase that someone ‘chews up the scenery’ in a movie? That’s something you want for a movie but not something that works in real life. Grandiose behavior is largely unacceptable when it makes the other person feel small. If your partners behavior seems to always make everyone around them feel small, then it is a bad personality trait. Another good example of this is someone that constantly talks over and interrupts other people.

3. Lack of Empathy

A partner not having empathy can send mixed feelings about where they stand in the relationship. Your emotions should directly influence your partner, but not in a negative way. When one person is sad, the other should cheer them up. When the other person is angry, then they need to be calmed. The cause and effect of emotions requires a give and take balance, with a form of empathy that can’t be faked. A partner that is too self-involved to recognize emotional changes will make you feel lonely inside a full house. 

2. Entitlement Oozes From Their Personality

This is probably the easiest thing to recognize, and is often mistaken for ego. Entitlement and ego often intertwine but are two separate things. An entitled person won’t hesitate to exploit others for their own personal gain. When that other person is you, then it becomes a direct issue. One thing you will notice about this trait is the willingness to enable without correcting the other person. 

1. A Mind Full Of Fantasies

There is nothing wrong with letting your imagination run wild. People daydream and fantasize all the time. But it becomes a problem when those fantasies begin to blur with reality. If your partner’s fantasies disrupt the relationship, then it will hurt you as a result. Clearing out a savings account to work on a passion project without discussing it as a couple is not ambition, it is selfishness. 

Wrap Up

Don’t let narcissism overtake your life and time. You should never feel like a prisoner that has nowhere to turn to. Try to work things out the civil way by talking to your partner. If that fails, then it’s clear what the next step is for your future.  

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