The Free, the Outrageous and the Insane – Creative Ideas for Your 1st Anniversary

So it has been a year since your wedding already.

And what a great year it has been!  Definitely something worthy of a grand celebration, right?

When every day is a mini adventure with your partner, you need a unique and different way to spend your anniversary.

The Free, the Outrageous and the Insane - Creative Ideas for Your 1st Anniversary

Or, maybe this first year of marriage was pretty intense in another way, where you learned that getting married was just the beginning of getting to know each other…

In that case, it’s even more so an excellent opportunity to celebrate you worked it through and made it to your first wedding anniversary, no shame in that!

Here is a list of creative ways to celebrate your first anniversary.

  • Attend a black-tie event

Look up black-tie events in your area. There is most likely some sort of charity event happening on or around your anniversary.

This is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up with your partner for a fancy night out, filled with classy wedding anniversary gifts and a little too much champagne. The tickets may be a little pricey, but hey, it’s for charity so you can still feel good about it. Maybe you can even wear clothes from your wedding/rehearsal dinners.

  • Go on the world’s largest bungee jump in South Africa

You already took a leap of faith in getting married, so why not make that metaphor more literal and jump off the largest bridge in Africa?

It takes a zip line to get to the top of the Bloukran’s bridge, which is known for its beautiful views. Views you can experience from both standing on the bridge and hanging from it.

  • Clean up your local park/beach

While it doesn’t sound the most exciting thing to do, and your neighbors might think you are insane for spending your anniversary this way, it is free.

It is freeing in fact. You and your partner will get to spend quality time together away from work, the TV and any other things that distract you two from each other.

Imagine how long the park will stay in the community if you both did this every year for your anniversary and others were inspired to do the same. Why not start a new tradition that makes you feel good and benefits everyone around you.

beach clean up - idea for 1st wedding anniversary

You can even reward yourselves with a nice picnic afterward with the finest cheese and crackers your local grocery store sells. Just remember to throw away the packaging in the bin!

  • Plan a flash mob

Okay yes, that does sound like the cheesiest thing ever. But be honest with yourself, haven’t you seen one before and secretly wanted to be in on it?

Get some friends together and tell them to bring some friends and just start planning it out. Keep the dance moves simple and everyone should be able to participate. If you absolutely do not want to dance, be on the planning committee.

If planning and getting people involved is not your thing, look up flash mob rehearsals happening in your area to see if anyone else already got the ball rolling for you.

Either way, this is a great way to spend time together in honor of one year of being married. And can you imagine a more fun story to tell years from now when someone asks how you spent your first anniversary?

The Free, the Outrageous and the Insane - Creative Ideas for Your 1st Anniversary
  • Check out the free events at Canary Wharf

If you are looking for something a little closer to home, and a little more in the budget, check out what Canary Wharf in East London has going on.  

They put on free events and activities year-round, such as a lights show in the winter months and mini golf in the Spring. They also have pianos placed all around the area, giving those who can play a chance to show off their skills and everyone else free entertainment.   

Even if your anniversary falls on the transition period between two free experiences, it is a great place to take a romantic walk around. There are plenty of restaurants, pubs and the Museum of Docklands to explore.

  • Eat at an in-the-dark restaurant

These unique restaurants have you eat in pitch black so you can focus on the flavor and smell of your food rather than look.

You can find many in-the-dark restaurants in London, Paris and various other locations across the world. They have guides that bring you a dish in one of four categories (meat, vegetarian, fish or chef’s choice). Their philosophy is that we need to change the way we eat food and appreciate it using senses other than vision.

You and your partner can take this opportunity to learn more about food and what your typical approach to it is, or you can just make it a fun guessing game. And hey it’s in the dark, so if dressing up is not your thing then it is your time to shine (metaphorically).

The Free, the Outrageous and the Insane - Creative Ideas for Your 1st Anniversary
  • Take some inspiration from your favorite movie or TV show

Have you ever watched a movie and wanted to do something the characters did, but you just don’t know if it’s logistically possible, so you have never done it? Well now is the chance to try and figure out how to.

Haven’t you been wanting to mattress surf ever since you saw Julie Andrews do it in The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement? Find a big set of stairs and try it out.

Maybe try to copy some shenanigans from TV sitcoms such as How I met your Mother or Friends.

Think of any comedy show or movie and you will most likely find something you thought would be fun to try, but have never gotten around to it. Now is the time to achieve your childhood goals you barely even remember having.

Disclaimer: This article is not promoting illegal or dangerous activities that put yourself or your spouse at risk of harm.

In the end, how you spend your anniversary is up to you and your partner, but what better way to bond than to do something outrageous or insane. Even if you do not want to do something too big, there are plenty of relaxed, creative and cheap ways to spend your day.

Thanks for stopping by today I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and have plenty of ideas for your 1st anniversary.

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