Ring Setting – How Important Is It?

Once you’re sure you’ve found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, the first place you would be going to would be a jewellery store to start the hunt for her engagement ring. 

Ring Setting – How Important Is It?

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That has always been the case for so many years, so many decades. While lots of other modern practices have emerged, such as couples agreeing and picking the engagement ring together or skipping the engagement and proceeding with the wedding right away, or even just skipping all the formalities and celebrations altogether, quite a number of people still go down the route of the classic romantic. There are still a lot of men who would want to surprise their beloved with a proposal on bended knee and with the most breath-taking of rings. 

If you are one of these gentlemen, you probably would prefer taking it up a notch and have a ring made for the love of your life. The woman of your dreams is worth the declaration of your undying love symbolised in one exquisite ring, especially made for her. As engagement rings should be made to last, you would want to carefully choose the ring features you know she would love. Aside from the precious stone, which is most likely diamond, you would want to carefully pick out the setting that would best showcase not just the gemstone, but also your beloved’s style.   

Engagement Rings Made Exactly For Her

To give you a heads up when you go to a jeweller who can customise an engagement ring for her, aside from the precious stones and metal, you will also be discussing with the jeweller the setting you would use. You will be shown a catalogue of the many ring designs your chosen jeweller has crafted for past clients. This is the stage where you get the inspiration for the design you want for your loved one. If what you’re going for is one that resembles one of the blue diamond engagement rings Australia is proud to have, you can also share that to your jeweller. Your every input would be welcomed as this is also the stage where the jeweller can show you what they can do to make the dream engagement ring a reality. You can even share the results of your online search. If you haven’t found a jeweller, an online search can also help you find one. 

The Engagement Ring Settings Of Note

While there are a lot of settings invented over the years, here are the ones most people have gravitated towards: 

  • The Three – There are three stones adorning this ring. A large diamond is placed at the centre, with two smaller ones on both sides of it. This style is popular as it is said to represent the eternal love of the couple, with each stone signifying the past, the present, and the future. The stones don’t have to be the same. After choosing the centre stone, you can opt to have the smaller ones on the side as another gemstone. Popular ones include rubies, sapphires and emeralds. 
  • The Solitaire Diamond – The favourite among romantics, this setting has a bit of more intricate design. It has eye-catching prongs which keep the centre stone in place. The placement of the stone also allows more light to enter. This setting is best paired with diamond cuts such as the Princess Cut, which is a firm favourite, and the Brilliant Round.
  • The Halo – If you want a setting that puts the focus on the large centre stone, the halo setting is for you. You can have small pavé diamonds surround the centre stone, if you want to. If you want two rows of the small stones instead of just one, the jeweller can do it for you. The halo setting can also be in the shape of a heart.  
  • The Pavé – If what concerns you is how secure the stone would be on the ring, especially when your-soon-to-be fiancée likes to do a lot of things and is quite athletic, then you can choose the pave setting. In this setting, small stones are set into a groove channelled into the band. You have the choice of either covering the entire outward surface of the band with the stones, or just let it go halfway at the front.  

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Practicality shouldn’t be set aside when it comes to getting an engagement ring crafted. Your beloved would want to wear the ring all the time, so choose a setting that would best fit her lifestyle. Getting a ring customised for you is always preferable, especially when you want something that would be unique and would have no exactly similar design. You would get to spend your money on the features she would absolutely love. A customised engagement ring would show her that you’ve put so much thought in the creation of the ring and would showcase how much he knows you. All of this would be possible with your input and a jeweller who aims to craft an engagement ring that would best symbolise your love and its promising future. 

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