Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

There are times in our lives when a lot of us will have the experience of a missing tooth or teeth. If this is something that you or a loved one is experiencing, then you will want to know what options are open to you in regards to available dental treatment. So if you need to deal with missing teeth, here are all of the options that are available to you which will allow you to choose the best method of treatment for your situation. And if you need a recommendation for a reliable dentist, be sure to visit

Replacement options for missing teeth

Leaving a Gap

If you have missing teeth, it is worth your time asking your dentist why you should replace missing teeth, as if you leave a gap, it can cause you problems later down the line. Over time, the gums may recede where the tooth is missing, which also affects the adjacent teeth, making them appear bigger as the gums recede. You can also find that the adjacent teeth can also move and fill the gap slightly of the missing teeth, causing gaps between the rest of your teeth as they spread out. Leaving a gap in your teeth can cause problems, as well as the expense when you need to rectify problems with your teeth, so one of the other available options may be best.

Dental Implants

Of all of the available options for dealing with missing teeth, the most popular one with both dentists and patients alike is dental implants. These implants are permanent and are attached to the jaw bone, meaning they will not move like other alternatives. When the implants are installed, it is easy to look after them, just the same as your other teeth, and you will not have to watch what you eat, or be shy in smiling.

Prices for the implants can vary, so it is worthwhile searching the internet for dental implants in Sydney, and look at each of the dental practices that offer this service.


The more traditional method of dealing with missing teeth is dentures. You often find that these are the least preferred option as the patients’ need to remove them daily, and take good care of them. Aside caring for the dentures, you will also have to watch what you eat, as some foods you may not be able to eat properly when wearing dentures. When food particles get in between your dentures and your other teeth or gums, it can be quite uncomfortable.


The final option that is open for replacing missing teeth is dental bridges. When you get a bridge installed, the adjacent teeth will be slightly reduced and a new crown will be installed making the teeth look uniform. The bridge will need to be taken care of, just as with dentures or your normal teeth. The major drawback of this treatment is that the healthy teeth either side of the gap need to be drilled down when installing the crown.

So now that you know the available options, you can start to look for a dentist to treat the gap in your teeth. The website is an excellent place to find a high-quality dentist that will be able to repair your smile, but just as with anything else, make sure that you shop around first!

Have you ever suffered with missing teeth problems? As always I love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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