Paint Colours And How They Affect Buyer Behaviour

These days, most customer’s buying decisions are based on colour, would you believe? Watch carefully and you will notice just how big a role colour plays in advertising, especially. That is because colour actually has a direct influence on our human psychology which is why it is able to effectively influence a consumer’s buying decision.

Paint Colours And How They Affect Buyer Behaviour

Let’s use this example to explain: let’s say you are looking to buy a laptop in a store. You head over to the laptop section and you find white, black, red, and blue laptops all priced the same. Which colour would you buy? Or, if red is your favourite colour but it’s a little but more expensive than the other colours, would you still buy it? If so, that is how colour would have influenced your buying decision. The same goes for choosing colours for your home and office, and as Gold Coast painters would say, they know just how important colour is to your customers.

Just How Much Does Colour Influence the Buyer’s Decision?

Did you know that when money isn’t an issue, how visually appealing something is plays as much as 93% role in the buyer’s decision? In other words, when a customer sees a colour that they like, they are a lot more likely to head towards it. They will then pick up the item and feel the texture, and if they like that, they will then listen to or smell the product. While this may not quite be the case with paint, colour and texture still play a significant role.

What’s more, highly skilled contractors tend to make use of particular colours to influence the buyer’s decision. The colours they use on their advertising and in their showrooms and stores are chosen to invoke particular emotions or thought, thereby influencing buying behaviours. While it is not often that consumers will notice it, they are constantly being “persuaded” to make purchases.

For example, have you ever been to an auction, discount sale, clearance sale, or even a “buy now” sale and noticed that the signage is always red? Red gets our blood rushing and creates a sense of urgency. Interestingly, it also works in restaurants as a way of increasing appetite!

How Different Colours Affect Buyer’s Decisions

Here’s a look at how some colours can affect a buyer’s decision and the areas in which they are most commonly used:

  • Blue – trust, security, and calm – financial institutions
  • Black – sleekness and power – luxury goods
  • Pink – romance and femininity – female products, beauty salons
  • Green – vitality, health, wealth – stores, gyms
  • Red – blood rush – sales and discounts
  • Orange – alertness – calls to action such as “join” or “buy now”
  • Yellow – optimism and attention-grabbing – stores, focus rooms
  • Purple – calming, soothing, royalty – waiting areas, doctor’s rooms, beauty products

Colours that are coupled with powerful action words like “satisfaction” and “guarantee” can significantly affect a buyer’s decision, too. The phrases, “money back” and “full refund” entice customers to trust that a product is superior and that the manufacturer is confident of the quality.

Knowing which colours will increase your profits and how to use them is important. It’s also worth noting that different cultures see colours differently in terms of meaning and action. In some instance, it may be better to stick to universal or neutral colours or get a paint specialist to advise you accordingly.

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