My Sunday Photo 22/05/2016

Hello, this is My Sunday Photo. On Friday I recieved a lovely package from Canada from my sister. It ws full of baby clothes for baby girl ( which i will show you later in the week! ) and all these chocolate eggs for my husband and I. Unlike the eggs here in the UK which are foil wrapped, these eggs are in little plastic cases which split in half to open. Such a genius idea!
I don’t like Cadbury Creme Eggs, so my husband had them. Canadian Cadbury chocolate tastes different from the UK chocolate, in my opinion it’s not as nice. I would go as far to say it’s more of an atificial flavour.
The Fudgee eggs were the best. A superb fudgy centre, very chocolately and similar to a ganache. I got to have the Oreo one as well. That was very yummy. 
My Sunday Photo - Canadian Chocolate Eggs
Have you tried American or Canadian chocolate before? 

What did you think of the taste?


Thank you for sharing

2 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 22/05/2016

  1. it's funny isn't it but apparently they really do use different recipes for their chocolate in different countries. more sugar, more milk, less cocoa butter etc. so that's why we all find chocolate so strange in another country.

  2. In my country we have american chocolates more than UK ones and when I got here Cadbury taste too sweet. Now that my palate is use to the sweetness of Cadbury, Hesheys tastes a bit bitter. #mysundayphoto

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