Meetchu – A Dating App with a Difference

OK, well you know I’m happily married, but being asked to check out the new dating app – Meetchu sounded useful to those of you who are dating. Years ago when I was dating you had the online dating websites, (which I may have used!) but dating apps were unknown. Back then you were always eager to get home and get on the computer to chat. No apps where you can have a natter throughout the day, or like Meetchu where you can meet before you meet.

Meetchu - A Dating App with a Difference

Meetchu brings alive the online dating scene with its brand new innovative way of getting people together. It’s the dating app that lets you meet before you meet.

To begin with once I downloaded the app on iOS I thought how can you meet before you meet? What’s its secret? Is it safe?

Video Profiles

Well the features behind Meetchu are actually pretty simple. You can view your matches video profiles. Yes that’s right, you can watch a clip of their uploaded profile. Check out their accent, how they act and speak. I believe you can find out much more about a person, and of course whether you think they will be suited to you from a real life video than if it was just a piece of text. Swipe through and find your likes.

Meetchu - A Dating App with a Difference

Secure Voice & Video Calling

Unlike other dating apps, Meetchu has integrated Voice and Video calling, allowing you to securely Voice or Video call your Matches without having to give your phone number. This is a big game changer in the dating app world. You don’t have to give out your number. Making it much more safe and secure.

Meetchu - A Dating App with a Difference

Send Messages, Photos, Videos & animated Emojis

Meetchu has a wide range of messaging tools to help you communicate with your match.

Delete Sent Messages

INSTANTLY delete messages, photos and videos directly from the other person’s phone. This can be done at any time. I love this feature. It gives you control over how things develop and if it doesn’t work out. Plus anything you send after you think I shouldn’t have sent that, can be undone! I wish this could be done with normal messages.


Meetchu is a very easy to use app. You just swipe through the matches in your local area and make contact if you wish. You can like the video profiles, and also receive emails if your profile gets liked by others. On your profile you can add 4 photos or 10 second videos, about me text and who you are looking for. There is a private gallery that can only be viewed by your matches once you allow them access.

I believe this app is the future of dating. Meet before you meet will save you time if you are not sure about a real date. Nowadays we all seem to be time short. It’s great for building your confidence and you can instantly get a feel if someone is right for you.

If you are looking to date or are dating already why not try out Meetchu?

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