Aquatic Liberation: Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience Freediving

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One of the most liberating adventures on earth for water-lovers is the experience of freediving. Freediving is when a person goes to explore underwater without using scuba gear or other breathing devices. It is said that freediving is basically “breath holding,” and it can be adapted to include a variety of activities including spear-fishing, underwater rugby, and underwater football. Here are five reasons why everyone that loves the water should try freediving today.

Here are five reasons why everyone that loves the water should try freediving today

1. No Heavy Diving Equipment

They say the best part about freediving is that “it’s free!” Freediving has the unique advantage of not requiring all the equipment that other types of diving do. There is no need to take time-consuming classes and pay expensive equipment rental fees with freediving. Freediving means diving with the equipment that you already have.

2. It’s a Great Exercise

One of the best physical activities for exercise and calorie burning is swimming. Any kind of swimming is practically guaranteed to get your metabolism going, and freediving is no exception. A person weighing 150lbs can burn up to 500 calories during a single hour of slow swimming, and more than 700 calories with aggressive swimming. Freediving often incorporates a variety of both slow and fast swimming and is certain to be a great workout.

3.  Diving Trains Your Body

People that go freediving experience physiological changes in their bodies. From the time a diver’s face hits the water, the body begins to adjust accordingly in anticipation of the experience, including slowed heart rate and blood moving away from the hands and feet. Experts often refer to this as the “mammalian dive complex,” going so far as to call it the “little seal inside of you.” Freediving also trains your body through a variety of aquatic activities including spearfishing. The number of activities associated with freediving is so numerous that freediving gear is a sizable industry.

4.  Freediving Helps Meditation

One of the great advantages of freediving is that it couples well with other lifestyle activities such as Yoga, Meditation. These activities are inherently concerned with controlled breathing, and that makes freediving an activity that pairs well naturally. The breathing discipline required to hold in breath for freediving can benefit those practising meditation, and vice-versa.

5. Freediving Experience Can Save Your Life

Freediving teaches and develops one of the most critical skills for ocean survival in humans. For those that enjoy other oceanic leisure such as surfing, having the skills and abilities developed through freediving could potentially save your life someday. It is more than common for those who venture out into the big waves and deeper part of the ocean to be overwhelmed by breaking waves that can pull a person underwater, often for relatively long periods of time. Those with freediving experience have a unique advantage in these potentially deadly scenarios, as skills learned while freediving will enable them to remain calm and think through the situation without panicking.

In the past, diving with scuba gear was also called freediving, to distinguish it from surface-supported diving that pumped air down to heavy suits. Today, freediving is exactly what it sounds like, diving free from heavy equipment including surface apparatuses or scuba equipment. The benefits of freediving are numerous. Freediving teaches strength, perseverance, discipline and diligence. It also teaches a variety of skills that can be useful in other pursuits such as yoga or meditation. If you or someone you know is interested in taking on new adventures underwater, consider freediving today!  

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