Common Mistakes That Can Affect a Personal Injury Claim

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When involved in a personal injury case, for an accident from a slip and fall to an auto wreck, there are a few safeguards to keep in mind. The fact is, there are some all-too-common mistakes that many people make that can negatively affect their case as well as the ability they have to recover compensation.

Common Mistakes That Can Affect a Personal Injury Claim

The good news is, getting to know what these mistakes are is the best way to avoid them.

An Accident Victim Who Forgets They are Under Investigation  

After being involved in an accident the victim may go out to hire a personal injury lawyer to investigate what happened. What many forget is that they, too, are under investigation.

The insurance company for the at-fault individual may follow the victim, trying to catch them participating in activities that don’t match up with the injuries they have claimed to suffer. The best rule of thumb is to be upfront and honest about what is going on even if this leads to a reduced settlement.

The worst thing a person can do in any personal injury case is trying to game the system. Insurance companies and lawyers have experience with these cases and as a result, the person making false claims is likely going to be caught.

Talking Too Much About the Case

There is no situation where a person should discuss their case with anyone who has been hired by the at-fault individual or their insurance company. The bottom line is that no good is going to come out of it.

If a defense lawyer, adjustor, or even a juror tries to contact the accident victim the best thing that a person can do is to refer them to their attorney. This can help ensure no negative issues arise because of these conversations.

Putting the Details on Social Media

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are, for the most part, public-facing websites. Due to this, they are also prime material for insurance companies and defense attorneys who are trying to minimize an accident claim and settlement.

Even if the accident victim has their account set to private, the individual doing the digging may be able to find text, pictures, videos, or other material that can help their client avoid having to take any or all responsibility.

After an accident, the best thing a person can do is to avoid using social media altogether. This includes having pictures or information about them posted on other people’s pages, as well.

Signing Away the Victim’s Rights

It is important for an accident victim to avoid signing anything related to their case without first consulting with their attorney. A simple release may contain fine print that waives future claims or that allows an at-fault insurance company to assess the individual’s medical records. It’s always best to check with the individual’s attorney first.

Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes in a Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to any personal injury claim, the best thing a person can do is avoid the most common mistakes listed here. By avoiding these mistakes, a person can have the best chance to get the most compensation possible for the injuries and damages they sustained. Be sure to keep everything here in mind, and always consult with an attorney if there is any worry or question about what is going on.

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