Buyer’s Guide: 6 Considerations to Make When in the Market for a New Golf Travel Bag

There are a number of valid reasons why the decision-making process you go through when choosing a new golf bag could turn out to be an important decision when it comes to your golfing performance and enjoyment of the game.

Buyer’s Guide: 6 Considerations to Make When in the Market for a New Golf Travel Bag

If you like to visit lots of different courses and take golfing holidays, the big question is which is the best golf travel bag for your needs?

Here are some pointers to help you decide when you are in the market for a new golf travel bag.

Protect your clubs when flying

If you are going to be taking your golf bags on an airplane you should be mindful that most airlines are unlikely to offer you any guarantees when it comes to protecting your clubs and that means you have to think about protection yourself.

Pay attention to the protective features of each bag and a key area would be to make sure that the top of the bag is designed to keep your club heads as safe as possible.

Durability as well as protection

The basic choice of golf travel bag tends to fall into one of two categories, either a soft or hard case.

A soft case bag might seem more appealing at first glance but the reality is that a hard case golf travel bag is designed to cope with the rough and tumble of putting your golf clubs on a plane.

Although this type of bag is likely to cost a bit more the level of protection they provide in comparison to a soft bag makes it a worthwhile investment.

The case for soft golf travel bags

If you are not going to be jetting off to overseas destinations with your golf clubs it is well worth pointing out that a soft case golf travel bag could prove more suitable for journeys taken by car.

A soft case bag is lighter to transport around and when you are taking care of the bag yourself, rather than leaving it in the hands of baggage handlers, you know your clubs won’t be subjected to any rough treatment.

How much space do you need?

The amount of space your bag is really down to your individual preference and requirements.

There is little point in having more pockets than you need, for instance, so think about what you are taking and find a bag that matches those storage needs.

Easy movement

Maneuverability is a definite consideration, ideally, your bag should offer a solid wheelbase and good weight distribution so that it is easy to move around.

Built to last

Last but not least, you want a golf travel bag to give you plenty of services, which means that it needs to be well made so that it delivers a good level of durability.

Compromise on quality for the sake of price and it could prove to be a false economy if the bag doesn’t stand the test of time and starts to get damaged after a handful of trips.

Take all these factors into consideration when choosing a golf travel bag and it should help you to find the right one.

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