Will Double Glazed Sash Windows Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Traditional sliding sash windows look stunning in the right period property but are they helping the value of your home? In this article, we look closely at the value of traditional sliding sash windows and potential value of installing new double glazed sash windows to your period property. Not all sash window upgrades will positively effect the value of a property or the marketability, therefore it’s important to understand what type of sash windows will enhance your home. You should always consult with professionals like Royalty Windows before taking any decision.

Will Double Glazed Sash Windows Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Traditional sash windows come with maintenance

Original sash windows need a little care every so often and if this isn’t kept up can lead to more serious issues such as sash window sill replacement or sash rail splices repairs. These can be extremely costly as a sill replacement can cost as much as £240 + VAT. This is nearly a third of the cost of installing double glazed sash windows into the original frames. The cost of painting a sash window is in the region of £200 + VAT if you engage a sash window specialist. A decorator on a run of sash windows will charge considerably less than that however.

There is also the issue of single pane glass being brittle and easily breakable. Almost any homeowner will know that with the beauty of sash windows comes a never ending need to service and re-rope them.

What about new double glazed sash windows?

Double glazed sash windows can look beautiful. Largely it’s about contacting the right company. Some are able to manufacture double glazed sash windows like for like and then install them into the original frame leaving barely any noticeable sign of the windows actually being double pane. If you installing double glazed sash windows using the existing original frame you can save over half the cost on entire replacements and nearly get all of the thermal and acoustic efficiency. This makes your home significantly more comfortable to live in and certainly more marketable.

If there were two identical properties on the market and one had sympathetic double glazed sash windows into the original frame in the way shown in this resource and the other property single glazing, it’s a dead cert that the new double glazed sash windows would assist in selling the property more quickly. This type of install comes with the added bonus of a five year guarantee so you’re certain to be maintenance free for at least that long.

There’s also the benefit of enjoying the property with a far more comfortable ambience in the time you own it, and that in itself is a huge benefit, irrespective of the actual cash value increase. How can we put a price on our well being? Noise is seriously damaging to our health, and the cold is at the least uncomfortable, all the way up to making life miserable!

Most councils will accept this type of sympathetic sash window install too, even if you’re in a conservation area but you still might need to apply for planning if you don’t hold the freehold. If your building is listed then you must seek all permissions directly from listed building control. In summary, it’s worthwhile installing like for like double glazed sash windows as it’ll enhance the property and help reduce maintenance.

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