Moving Right: The Key Steps You Need to Take in Choosing the Right Moving Company

So it’s close to moving day! Whether you’re buying a house, heading off to college or moving in with a loved one, moving can be both a joyful and stressful experience. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to making moving day a much easier and less stressful experience. One of the most important things is finding the right moving company. There are so many things to consider, beyond just a company’s reputation or popularity. Are they professional? Are their rates competitive? Are they flexible, helpful and kind? Have you taken time to learn more about their moving practices, and whether or not they are safe?

There are so many moving companies out there, and they range from your basic, standard movers who show up and get the job done in a day with a few trucks, to highly specialized moving companies who have experience in dealing with expensive, delicate items and specific circumstances. As you might expect, pricing for these companies varies, as does their availability. Choosing which company is right for you is a matter of research, and it pays to take your time in finding the right mover – expect to call around and talk to at least two or three companies before making a decision, if you want to get the best value and peace of mind that come moving day, you’ll have the best of the best.

Moving Right: The Key Steps You Need to Take in Choosing the Right Moving Company

Below are some key steps to take in choosing the right moving company.


This seems an obvious one, but it is of the utmost importance. A moving company should be professional, competent, helpful and informative, as soon as you call the number to schedule your move. Your point of contact should provide you with all the information you need about the company, as well as getting necessary info from you. You should expect to go room-by-room, describing your home and the items in it, while the representative takes notes. By the time the move is scheduled, they should know your house inside and out, and be poised and ready to meet you at your home at the specified time. They should take all the stress and guesswork out of the process, leaving you to focus on other details.

The professionalism should extend to the movers themselves, as well. They should treat you, your home and your items with extreme care and consideration, always treating you with respect at all times.


There are plenty of moving companies out there who offer “premium” moving services that aren’t really much different from any other moving company, except they charge a whole lot more. If you know where to look, you can find a great mover in your area who charges affordable rates and gets the job done in a timely manner!

Look for companies that charge flat rates for moving services rather than upcharges for different items of furniture or certain addresses (unless you have specialty items, of course, which we talk about below). Check rates carefully for upcharges for things like gas mileage, etc, to make sure they are fair and competitive. Instead of considering only the hourly fees, the moving company quotes should be based on the size of your inventory and your move distance. Always check for discounts and offers if available before booking a moving company. To avoid surprises, always ask for binding charges as it estimates the final cost of the move and doesn’t exceed the quoted amount. Don’t feel shy – if there are charges you don’t understand or think fair, talk about it! The moving company should be happy to break down rates for you and explain charges.

Specialty Items

If you have “special” items, make sure the moving company you hire can handle them. Be sure to tell them upfront about your 200-year old upright piano, or the delicate crystal you inherited from your great grandmother. Items that are extremely heavy, of major value, or are oddly-shaped, need to be specifically discussed with the movers beforehand so they can make arrangements. In some cases, they may need special equipment to handle such items or bring on extra staff to assist. It’s always best to give them a heads up so they can best assist you.

Word of Mouth

Another one that seems obvious, but it’s true! Check around with friends and family to see which movers have the best rates, customer service and turnaround times. Everybody moves, after all, so we all have our favorite movers. Hearing about people’s experiences with these companies will give you a better understanding of how they operate and whether or not they are right for you. Taking the time to do your research to find the very best moving company that will treat you, your home and your furniture with care is definitely worth the effort.


If money is an issue, or you’re a bit protective of your things, you might be tempted to complete the move yourself without hiring a moving company. That’s a viable option, especially if finances are an issue. But it’s always better to hire a moving company if you can, simply because they are professionals who can get the job done much faster and more efficiently than the average person. They have specific training on how to handle heavy items, how to transport them properly, and can set things up in your new home so you can busy yourself with the rest of the move. Hiring a moving company really is worth the money, rather than putting yourself through the stress of packing, transporting, lifting, and unpacking lots of heavy furniture. If you aren’t trained on how to lift heavy items properly, you could do yourself an injury, or damage your belongings. Movers are trained and experienced. Save yourself the time and trouble!

Happy Moving

With just some simple research and asking around, you can find the best moving company for you, regardless of budget, timeframe, or the size of your home. Whether you’re in the big city or a rural area, there are many companies out there, all ready to assist you and help you make your move as stress-free and easy as possible. Save yourself time, money and energy by choosing the perfect one for you. Just follow these key steps and you’ll have found the perfect moving company for you, in no time. Happy Moving!

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