Home Renovations Vs Moving Home

Home renovations vs moving home. Big decisions! If your current home isn’t fulfilling your needs as a family, it can be tempting to jump straight into looking for a new home that fits your family and obligations and, of course, needs minimal work doing when you move it. A new home can be an intriguing idea for those who feel they have outgrown their current home and are unwilling to take on some minor or even major home repairs.

Home Renovations Vs Moving Home

However, starting with a blank slate can come with a hefty price tag, and for those looking to move to pastures new, it is worth asking yourself if this is something you want and can afford more importantly. The temptation to move into a purpose-built home over living through renovation works is alluring to most, but before you start browsing those estate agent listings, you should be sure you are moving for the right reasons.

You can’t do what you need to in your current home

Or can you?

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of imagination and ingenuity. Thinking outside the box when it comes to the best layout and use of space in your current home can open up a world of possibilities. However, sometimes no matter how much you want to, you cannot quite get what you need despite the best of intentions.

Securing planning permission, lack of funds or practicality issues can all play a part in whether or not home renovations are worth doing to your current home. But you shouldn’t let that put you off. After all, if the work you want to have carried can be done (always secure planning permission for any extensions or loft renovation works before starting work), then it will be worth it in the long run.

  • Write down all the changes you want to get done.
  • Get estimates for the work required if you need to hire contractors. 
  • Seek planning permission if needed before confirming any plans
  • Make sure you can afford the work, and it will add value to your home – check local selling prices to make sure you aren’t investing more than you would get if you were to sell.
  • Make practical plans as to how you will live around any work being carried out.
  • Make sure you have a reasonable timeline of how long renovations will take so you know roughly how long your home life will be disrupted.

If, after all this, you still feel like moving is the right choice for your family, then you will be confident that you are making the right choice.

Your home needs updating

The temptation to move into a property – especially a  new build house, can be substantial, especially if your current home requires some major TLC and a facelift. The thought of redecorating, new flooring, and tackling small DIY jobs can be off-putting, especially if you have a young family and little free time around work and family to do it yourself.

Chances are you will have made many memories in your home. Moving would give you not only a clean slate and a fresh start but also the chance to make new memories. But leaving behind the home where you brought your kids home from the hospital or they took their first steps can be hard.

Weighing up your options when it comes to giving your home a cosmetic overhaul will not be wasted time. Simply make a list of everything you want to change room by room and work out the costs and timescales. Focus on the more urgent jobs first, such as new cooker parts like westinghouse rangehood parts or sorting any electrical or plumbing issues that need taking care of.

Don’t rush into ‘buying things’ for the sake of buying things. Instead, wait until the time is right, and you are ready to take that step. Approach it systematically – maybe list each room and start on the most in need first. Consider things like;

  • Take care of any small DIY jobs first before moving on to other plans.
  • Decorating – painting/wallpaper/woodwork. Make sure to prep the room first. This will give you a better finish.
  • New flooring. This is the ideal time to change flooring if you need to
  • New furniture if needed
  • Accessorise. Then add the finishing touches to the room.

It can be a satisfying feeling once you have finished all work you want to have done in your home. However, if this isn’t possible or you feel strongly that you need to move, then should this be something you can afford, it may be an easier alternative to start anew.

The pros and cons of renovating over moving home

If you’re still unsure of what is the best option for you to take, then it is worth weighing up your options when deciding whether to renovate or move home.

Moving home

Pros include being able to move into a home that has the space you need for your family and is fit for purpose. The renovations will already be done, and you can rest easy knowing someone else has taken care of all of this for you.

The downside is that you will be leaving behind a home you love and have made memories and possibly have to move out of the area to get what you need at a price you can afford.


The benefits of renovating your home mean you can truly put your stamp on it and design a purpose-built home that works for you. You get to have a say in every part of the work that is being undertaken, and sure it is finished precisely as you imagined it to be.

The pros can run long with home renovations, including extended timescales, should unforeseen issues arise along with having to navigate living in the house during the works. Making sure to stick to your budget can also be a huge concern, especially if you go over schedule.

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