Can Mattress Like Simba or Emma Improve Your Sleep?

improve your sleep with the Emma or Simba mattress

Over the years, if there’s one thing research has yielded in the sleep industry is, how to enjoy better quality and more satisfying sleeping experience. With the use of technology and scientific backing, companies have succeeded in producing high quality mattresses. They are designed to complement our various sleep preferences and needs.

Two such brands are Simba and Emma. They are both hybrids from the United Kingdom. Offering a medium-firm comfort feel, they are constructed using layers of foam, and spring, including synthetic latex in Simba. Can these mattresses improve the quality of sleep that you and I receive? Let’s find out.

Pressure Relief

mattress pressure points

Sleep isn’t merely for rest. It’s also essential to our survival. It affects our emotional, physical, and mental health. A while back, I always complained of body aches, mainly the shoulders and back. After years of taking painkillers, I finally found out the culprit – my bed.

I did some research and consultations getting the best solution to my problem. A good mattress gives pressure relief that means it contours to the body curves creating equal weight distribution. It’s exactly what I needed.

The advantage of such bedding is that the hot spots don’t form. They affect the quality of sleep as you’ll find yourself waking up several times in the night because of sores that develop. Pressure relief is vital because you don’t ache, and when you have an injury, it speeds up the healing process.

Emma and Simba have excellent pressure relief, and will, therefore, improve your sleep.

You Sleep Cooler

Some conditions must be fulfilled for you to enjoy quality rest. The temperature level is one of them. Anytime it gets too hot; you’ll find yourself waking up. That’s not good for your sleep. It might even affect how you perform during the day.

The best brands in the industry have constructed mattresses designed to wick away the heat keeping you cool all night long. Quality sleep is achieved when we sleep without any disruptions. Simba and Emma bed are good examples of such bedding. They have several features that will keep you fresh.

Note that when our sleep is continuously interrupted, it affects our Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. We need it for our brain health. Among the requirements for REM sleep is lower body temperature. Therefore, a good mattress will help keep you cool and as a result improve your sleep.

Superior Support

simba mattress

One of the key features I look at whenever I’m reviewing or shopping for a mattress is the quality of support that it offers. You don’t want a bed that will collapse as soon as you sleep on it.

When you receive superior support, you can expect to get better sleep. Hybrid beds are known for the high quality support they give, Emma and Simba mattress not being an exception. You will love the support provided by the two.

The support is what keeps you on the mattress. When you combine the springs with the high density foam base, you get good sleep, as you’ll be sufficiently supported.

Limited Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is essential to those sharing the bed with a partner or have pets. It’s because your partner may be the type to move around on the bed a lot at night and you’re a light sleeper or vice versa. To avoid waking each other up and affecting the quality of sleep you receive, a mattress with limited motion transfer will be suitable. Emma is one such mattress as seen on Emma review by

Edge support is also necessary. Good bedding must support the both of you. When you’re always falling off the bed, your sleep is interrupted. Therefore, a mattress with limited motion transfer and good edge support improves your sleep because you get fewer to no interruptions.


To answer the question, Yes. A mattress like Simba or Emma has the potential to improve your Sleep. They are designed with features to ensure that you get premium comfort and superior support needed for quality sleep.


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6 thoughts on “Can Mattress Like Simba or Emma Improve Your Sleep?

  1. We’re moving soon and need to buy a new mattress. I’m really tempted to try the Emma one. Everyone seems really happy with it!

  2. I have been considering getting a simba mattress but now I think I might have to also consider the Emma! The both look very confortable 🙂

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