Avoiding Costly Mishaps: 9 Factors That Could Damage the Foundation of Your Home

Ask any homeowner that has had to pay for major repairs to repair the foundation of their home and they will probably confirm that this is an expense they would much rather have avoided if possible.

If you have to appoint a contractor to repair your foundation they will be using their professional knowledge and experience to bring your home back to a safe and secure state with minimal disruption and cost where possible.

foundation crack
foundation crack

Before you even get to that scenario there are some positive steps you can take to help prevent potential damage to the foundation of your home and these are tips that are surely worth heeding if you don’t want to be landed with a repair bill.

Don’t ignore those plumbing problems

Water leaks are a major cause of damage to your home if a situation is allowed to develop and plumbing problems can potentially cause damage to your foundation, particularly if the leak is due to a problem with your mainline.

The reason why this type of leak is specifically so potentially damaging to your foundation is due to the fact that if the water is allowed to penetrate the soil surrounding your home it could create conditions that result in causing your foundation to shift.

Any leak should be fixed as soon as possible or you could be encouraging a much bigger and more expensive problem to develop.

Be wary of large trees near your home

Mature trees are an attractive landscaping feature and add a nice bit of character, however, tree roots can be a major source of foundation issues.

The problem with large trees near your property is that the roots can get dehydrated in certain conditions and that will encourage the consumption of nutrients from the soil underneath your foundation.

If this happens your structure could start to shift. Make sure trees are well watered if they are close to your property or they could cause problems if they are allowed to dry out.

Don’t overdo the watering

Although you don’t want the tree roots to get hydrated for the reasons stated there is also a risk that you can cause damage to your foundation if you overwater.

The basic problem with overwatering is that excessive water around your property can cause the soil to expand and this can exert undue pressure on your foundation and also damage the concrete.

An irrigation system would be a smart move and can help you to avoid overwatering.

Check your downspouts regularly

Another common cause of foundation problems that can be avoided is when your home suffers from poor drainage.

If the guttering is blocked or inefficient and the downspouts are clogged or broken the water has to go somewhere, That means you are risking saturating your soil and creating a scenario where your foundation could easily become unstable.

A bit of regular drainage maintenance around your home could be time and money well spent if it helps you to avoid foundation damage.

Was your ground prepared properly?

If your home has recently been constructed there is a potential situation that could impact your foundation that you might not be aware of until a little while after you move in.

9 Factors That Could Damage the Foundation of Your Home
Building foundations

The building pad needs to have been properly compacted in order to cope with the structure that is being built on top of it.

A common issue in this respect is when the layer of topsoil turns out to be insufficient and this can cause settling, which can result in your foundation moving.

If you suspect that this is the issue it is imperative that you ask a professional to resolve this problem.

The weather can take its toll

You can’t help where you live but it can prove to be an influential factor when you have to contend with seasonal conditions that threaten damage to your home.

Extreme weather conditions and noticeable seasonal changes that mean you have a definite dry and wet season to cope with can put your foundation under pressure when conditions go from dry to wet.

These seasonal challenges can cause your soil beneath the foundation to expand and contract in response to the prevailing weather conditions. 

Changeable seasonal conditions can wreak havoc and it can pay to be proactive and check at the end of a hard season whether there is any evidence of damage. It would be better to do something about it at an early stage than discover you have a much bigger problem at a later date.

Be mindful of poor soil conditions

Different areas have varying soil conditions and it is relevant to appreciate what type of soil conditions your home is expected to contend with.

For instance, if your home has been built in an area that predominantly features clay soils this could make the ground susceptible to swelling and shrinkage.

Seek out a professional opinion if you suspect poor soil conditions could create some foundation problems at some point. 

Think about your landscaping

Landscaping is a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home and improve your enjoyment of the outdoor space but it pays to be mindful of foundation problems when planning your layout.

Think carefully about planting trees or bushes too close to your property and be mindful that the roots might be as long as the height of the plant, which can give you a pointer as to whether you might be creating a potential foundation issue.

Putting added pressure on your foundation

You might decide to do some remodeling at some point but you need to be aware that these renovations could put your foundation under too much strain.

An architect and contractor should calculate how your property will cope with added weight and if this is not mentioned during the consultation process make sure you ask the question.

It goes without saying that the strength and integrity of your foundation is integral to keeping a roof over your head so it makes sense to do what you can to protect it.

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