Making Personalised Presents

Buying presents for friends can be a stressful experience. You need to find something that shows off how well you know them, how much you care, but sometimes inspiration isn’t forthcoming. Even if you can think of the perfect gift, it might not be available in time. There’s no experience more frustrating than trailing around town searching for a gift that isn’t there, and not even being able to order it online in time. If your first, perfect idea doesn’t pay off, coming up with a backup can feel impossible.

Making Personalised Presents

The answer could be to work on creating on your own, personalised gifts for friends! If you’ve been developing a crafting skill (for example by ordering a craft box UK subscription companies are offering) then you could put it to use when your friends’ birthdays approach and create some unique gifts they’ll never forget.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the options for making personalised presents:

Coasters and Place Mats

If you’re in the early days of a weaving, sewing or embroidery hobby you can still create beautiful presents your friends will love. Coasters and place mats are easy to create – you can even use a simply DIY loom to get started – and you can customise them easily so they’re perfectly tailored to your friends, whether that’s with their initials, a unique pattern or design or a representation of a scene of special significance for them.


Knitting a sweater is an ambitious project that many are inspired to start by the Weasley’s Christmas tradition in the Harry Potter books – but it might be too much for a beginner. Setting your sights a little lower brings the scarf into view, and that could be the perfect present if you’re an aspiring knitter. The pattern for knitting a scarf is simple to follow and finish, but you can stretch your skills as you customise the design, using different colours and types of yarn to work in patterns and customisation. Making a gift your friends will wear every winter is a great way to ensure they’ll never forget it!


Even if you don’t make a personalised gift, you could stretch your papercraft skills and design and make a unique, one off card to go with it! A birthday card that’s customised for your friend’s birthday, with pictures of personal significance and a unique design that’s richer and more impressive than anything you could find in the shops is sure to impress and will always be remembered!

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