Top Tips For A Newbuild Garden

If you haven’t got much gardening experience, the prospect of designing, planting and caring for your first outside space can seem a little daunting. Newbuild properties are often described as lacking character inside, so it’s no surprise that the newbuild garden is usually a bare space that will need some attention. The good news is that having a ‘blank canvas’ can make the design of your garden much easier to work with compared to an established garden that might take some effort to clear away trees and shrubs.

There will likely just be a lawn of freshly laid turf and borders or in some cases, it might just be a layer of soil that will need to be taken care of. If you can’t afford to have the garden fully laid out immediately, then there are ways that you can make the space livable until you have the funds to make it as you want.

Top Tips For A Newbuild Garden

If you are planning any hard landscaping in the form of a patio, fencing or the erection of garden buildings do that first. These operations only lead to more potential soil damage, so get them out of the way at the outset. It’s also the opportunity to tackle any drainage issues. If water lies on the paving, or in puddles on the grass, it will only cause problems over time. It’s better to scrap what’s already been done and do it again properly, rather than living with what is there. 

Budget for your garden

It’s a good idea to have a figure in mind that you’re willing to spend on getting your newbuild garden habitable. Once you start factoring in structures, materials, labour, plants and accessories it’s very easy to lose control of your budget. By setting a budget before you start planning and getting advice on what exactly you need, will help you factor in what’s essential and what can be planned for further down the line. Much like the house itself, the garden will be a work in progress and you don’t want to be throwing too much money at it, when you might need to spend funds elsewhere. The garden will grow with you.

Build a patio

Not all properties will come with a patio installed, so this will undoubtedly become one of your priorities. Not only is it a focal point for your garden but it’s incredibly practical too. You’ll want an area that will provide you access to the house without having to step on grass and mud during bad weather, which will make life easier for a family.

You may want to do some of the work yourself, but it’s wise to be aware of what you are doing, or seek the help of someone experienced, otherwise you may run into unexpected costs. A patio that has been laid badly, will have implications and will be more costly to rectify eventually.

Consider your lawn

The soil in a newbuild garden is often heavily compacted, rocky, sandy, and lacking in the essential nutrients that plants need to thrive. Raised beds or borders are an easy solution, as you can fill them with a good quality soil or compost, and they’ll add a bit of multi-level landscaping to your new-build garden, too. They are also a great way of adding some colour and texture to what might be a very plain and flat garden.

Fortunately, there are various ways to improve clay and heavy soils and plenty of flowers, trees and shrubs that will thrive in them. If your turf has only been laid very recently (less than a month ago), you’ll need to leave it to settle in for at least another month, and avoid walking or placing heavy objects on it, as this can damage the delicate young roots. If you’re keen to get your grass flourishing and less patchy, then The Grass People sell a range of grass seeds to suit your needs.

What will your garden be used for?

If you’re still unsure of what needs attending to in your garden, then think about what you will use your garden for. Do you want intimate spaces with lots of privacy or do you want your garden to feel big, spacious and open? It will all very much depend on what kind of outdoor area is right for you.

Do you have pets or children that will be making use of the grassed area? Or are you looking for something that is easy to maintain and will also stay looking good too? It might be worth considering the installation of some artificial grass instead of a real lawn. 

Your garden is an investment, so make sure that you’re setting up the groundwork for a place that you will continue to nurture and love over the years.

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  1. Some wonderful ideas for when I actually get into gear and sort the garden out!. It’s gone a little bit wrong the last couple of weeks as I have been so busy but I need to get back out there before the winter sets in.

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