Our Experience with Gousto

My husband and I are huge foodies. We love to try new recipes, so when we were asked if we wanted to try out a Gousto Box I got a tiny bit excited!

I adore any subscription service. The thought of a surprise delivered to me is like Christmas all over again. I had heard of Gousto through various social media channels but never really read into what it was all about.

Gousto pride themselves in delivering fresh food with step by step recipe cards straight to your door.

Here is how we got on…

Our Experience with Gousto

It took me ages to scroll through and choose a couple of recipes to try on their website. When I was looking there was a choice of 22! Now I’m not keen on fish ( unless it’s from the chip shop!) so that ruled those ones out.

But with so many others to look at it really was a hard decision.

In the end we went for simple food. We planned to have it on a Wednesday night, so with us both getting home from work it needed to be quick to put together and took very little brain power!

The two recipes we chose were:

  • Honey Roast Ham, Egg and Chips
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes.

It turned up on Wednesday morning all neatly packed in a box by the lovely Madeleine. On the side of the box gives you the instructions of where to put everything. The woolcool bag was fab! It kept the meat nice and chilled. Although the bag did smell of sheep!!

Gousto box

Ingredients for Honey Roast Ham, egg and chips – for 2

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 British baby gammon joint (280g)
  • 1 honey pot (28g)
  • 1 mayonnaise sachet (26ml)
  • 300g potatoes
  • 1 tbsp whole grain mustard
  • 50g baby kale

The recipe cards included take you step by step through the instructions.

I enjoyed making the homemade chips. They turned out very tasty.

Homemade chips

Ingredients for Lemon Pepper Chicken with Rosemary Potatoes – for 2

  • 1 large chicken breast fillet
  • 1 tbsp French Dijon mustard
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 honey pot (28g)
  • 1 lemon
  • 5g fresh rosemary
  • 50g baby leaf mixed salad
  • 400g potatoes

Here is the finished dish. Now we combined both meals as we both wanted to try each one. I love my eggs hard as you can tell from the photo ???? – it wasn’t my bad cooking!

The Finished Dish with Gousto - ham egg and chips

Overall I have to say I thought the Gousto box is a very clever idea. Great for people looking for inspiration and time short when hunting for all the ingredients you need.

My only negative points are the cost and portion size. My husband is 6ft 5 so a tall guy and likes his food.

One chicken breast between 2 isn’t going to cut it for him!


I know they specialise in pre-portioned food to cut on food waste, but you must have enough to taste it!

The food did taste good. I’m keeping the recipes to make my own versions!

Have you tried a Gousto Box before?

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*We chose our own meals with Gousto. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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2 thoughts on “Our Experience with Gousto

  1. I’ve tried most of the home delivery boxes and my issue with them is that although they all make a big song and dance about cutting down on waste FOOD, they generate masses and masses of waste PACKAGING – just look at all that non recyclable plastic they send! If you were cooking from scratch, you wouldn’t buy mayonnaise and honey in tiny, individually packaged portions, you’d scoop them out of nice reusable or recyclable jars. And even if you bought pre-packed meat and veg, you would buy bigger quantities with proportionally less packaging per use. At a time when landfill sites are struggling for capacity, it seems odd that companies are trying to encourage us to produce MORE waste!

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