3 Time-Saving Tips For Mums In Lockdown

In previous lockdowns, we may have harboured fantasies about using our extra time spent at home to perfect our DIY skills, installing a new organisational system in our kitchen cupboards and picking up a new hobby. 

But by now, we’re pretty well aware that our so-called ‘extra time’ will now be used cleaning up after the kids and binging Netflix, all whilst working from home and juggling a new career as a (struggling) amateur schoolteacher. 

3 Time-Saving Tips For Mums In Lockdown

But it’s not all doom and gloom – if you’re looking to make the most of this lockdown, or simply spare yourself as much household hassle as possible, check out the three time-saving life hacks for mums in lockdown.


1. Don’t be afraid of an easy option  

We know all too well that the illusion of extra time makes it tempting to overstretch yourself and start making ambitious plans. Throw in the added pressure of losing the ‘lockdown weight’ and maintaining a full-on fitness routine (possibly aided by Joe Wicks), and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with obligation. 

For some easy ways to keep your health and wellbeing in check without letting it consume too much of your time and energy, there are hundreds of great options out there for simple, healthy and delicious meal shortcuts. For instance, Riso Gallo has a fabulous range of easy-to-prepare risottos for those looking to switch it up at meal times. 

If you find yourself without the motivation for exercise, don’t feel bad – we all do. Something as simple as a twenty minute walk before work to simulate your old commute is not only good for your body but your mind too, as it helps you out of the house. 

2. Keep the noise down! 

Like many families, you’re probably grappling with the issue of screen time. On the one hand, it’s something you should probably be cutting back on. But on the other hand, it feels as though there’s not much else to do except marathon Netflix while scrolling through Facebook, bitterly lamenting the apparent success of other people’s lockdown endeavours (show-offs). 

This is especially difficult when it comes to the kids – the prospect of them spending all day glued to screens feels wrong, but for a little peace and quiet? Well… 

To provide them with a guilt-free distraction, why not check out some of the top educational apps on the market? EdPlus by Oxford University is a top contender that allows students to quiz one another and it’s designed specifically for locked down learners! 

3. Stay on top 

One of the worst mistakes you can make it lockdown is to get slack with your household cleaning

Now that you’re spending more time than ever at home, your space should be a safe haven. But when the mess piles up, more often than not we’re left feeling stressed and uninspired. 

That said, no one wants to spend all their free time cleaning. So why not master a ten-minute routine to keep your home spick and span with minimal hassle? 

We hope these tips spare mums in lockdown time and stress while you stay home and stay safe. 

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