Top Fashion Accessories for Summer 2018

A few months back I wrote about the key fashion trends for women for Summer 2018 and how it was all about 80’s style neon, colour pop and frizzy hair. Well I never got the chance to go into the top fashion accessories that you will need this Summer. We all like to keep up with the trend, even if it’s just with accessories.

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Accessories for your Summer look, does come in the form of the bumbag this year, yep the 80’s are here! I must admit as a kid I loved my bumbag. I carried all sorts of things in it. The less obvious would be a belt bag. You can get some really lovely leather ones which would smarten up any outfit. If you are heading to the beach lots over the course of the Summer you will need a gorgeous woven leather bag or a tote bag. The oversize large bags are perfect for this and one of the top key trends for Summer 2018.

woven leather bag


Other accessories a part of the Summer 2018 scene are oversize chunky trainers, the sparklier the better! Great for daytime and dressing up on a night out. If you want to stand out, these are a must. Plus if you are in need of a few inches these trainers are your friend. Also in the footwear department you have red thigh-high boots. Ummm not for me thanks! Think the Pretty Woman look if you must. They have made the catwalk look big, bold and sexy. Ideal if you are looking to make a statement and of course turn heads.

Baker boy hats. Yes I’m not a little sure of these. Apparently they give you a cool edgy look. You would dress them with big chunky knitted jumpers and a leather messenger bag for that relaxed weekend look. It’s say goodbye to wide brimmed hats and hello to the baker boy!

leather messenger bag


Matrix style sunglasses and shoulder grazing earrings will finish off your look for the top fashion accessories for Summer 2018.


What are your fashion accessory must haves this Summer?

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