Don’t Sweat It: Guide to Spring Athleisure

If anyone knows how to work hard and play harder, it’s you. Between the long hours at the office and the thrill-seeking adventures on the weekends, it’s no wonder you’ve been considering easing up on the adrenaline rush of life and giving in to the relaxing fit that is athleisure.

Do yourself (and your sanity) a favor and let your wardrobe guide you to a more Zen way of living. Check out our guide to an athleisure wardrobe for spring and we promise you’ll be ready to climb any mountain life throws at you without even breaking a sweat.  


Back to Basics

Whatever goals you set for yourself, we’re here to support all of you. That’s right, we’re talking about the elusive – and essential – sports bra. We think sports bras are so important that we don’t see the point in covering them up.

You work hard to bring your best self forward so why should you expect any less from your workout clothes? Sun salutate in style with a sassy and comfortable sports bra that will not only help you set a new PR but will have you chanting Namaste every time you put it on.


Give your precious denim a rest every now and then and slip into something more comfortable in the way of a nylon and spandex mash-up from heaven. Sure, leggings make you feel good when you’re spinning your frustrations away at the gym, but they also make you look good when you’re burning up the dance floor on that first date or just adulting like a rockstar on a Tuesday.

Gift yourself the joy of comfort and pair sleek faux leather leggings with a pair of booties and a long sweater or tunic. Not only will you look as cute as you feel but you’ll have a stylish outfit ready for public approval – and envy. You can’t say that about the leotards of the 90s (thank goodness).

Dress It Up

The thing we love most about the athleisure look is the leisure part. Lean in to the comfort potential of every day by pairing some dressy pieces with your loungewear. Elevate those comfy black leggings with your favorite flirty off the shoulder top for a night out with the girls. Check out that new band everyone is talking about while rocking your sexy faux leather black leggings with a soft, crisp white cotton tee and heels.

We think every woman deserves a day of leisure – even if she’s too busy #goalcrushing to take it. Give yourself a break and crush those goals in comfort from time to time. Then make some room on that proverbial trophy shelf. Because you’re about to bring home the gold.

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