The Best Techniques To Teach Your Kids in an Engaging Way!

When you have the kids at home during the holidays, it can sometimes seem like the biggest of challenges keeping them engaged and learning new things. Not necessarily the things they learn at school, but day to day life things. Skills that are essential for when they grow older. But how do you make them more engaging? Here are some examples of exactly how you can teach your kids in an engaging way!

The Best techniques to teach your Kids in an Engaging Way

Get them Actively doing the Housework

It is a universal fact that many people, if not most people in the world, loathe or dislike housework. It is often a very boring and tedious process. But, if the kids are at home, why not make it a group activity. Make a game of it, make it fun for all of you! The first person to clean their chosen area gets a prize, or make another game from it. Implement games like hide and seek into the mix. When the chores are presented in this way, not only are they learning how to do things like cleaning up for when they are older. They also have fun whilst doing it, and that is the key factor. 

Engage them in Fun Days Out

Now, this does not mean expensive Disney days out. Just a walk over to the local park or drive to a new place you have never been too. You can learn so much by just walking around your local area. If it is the middle of the changing seasons, teach them about change. Let then take a big leaf from one of the trees that has fallen to the ground in Autumn. They can take it home and decorate it, frame it and save it. Then, they have made a wonderful Memory. Not only have they gone outside and detached from the grips of technology, but also gone outside and made wonderful memories with you and learnt something new. What more could you ask for!

The Best techniques to teach your Kids in an Engaging Way

Show them the Wonder of Nature

This connects with the above point. Having a wonderful and fun day out does not mean an expensive day out. There are so many places around your local area and just outside that you may have always passed but never gone inside. Secret or hidden away greens and gardens, forests that you can walk around. Tell cool stories whilst you walk and also try and incorporate a game? Games and fun little twists will always engage the kids and guarantees a fun day out for both you and your children!

Make Learning Fun!

Last but not least, make learning fun! Teach your children that it is fun to learn, learning doesn’t always have to be a bore like it is described in many media outlets. Also, learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom with a book in front of you. You learn everyday, find something new, experience something new that you never did before. All of the things are learning, and all of these things can be really fun for both you and the children! 

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  1. A very interesting and useful post. Making learn fun is certainly the way to go with children

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