ROYBI Robot – The Smart Learning Platform For Kids and Families

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If you have a curious 4 year old who loves to learn then ROYBI Robot maybe for them. We were kindly gifted ROYBI to share with you what we think. But first here are some more details on *ROYBI Robot and what it can do.

ROYBI Robot - The Smart Learning Platform For Kids and Families

What is ROYBI Robot?

So ROYBI is one of the world’s smart robot to teach your child through personalised lessons. It’s designed to spark creative thinking, and improve communication. ROYBI can be used daily to teach children. If you are homeschooling then this is a fantastic alternative to full-on screen time. You get an accompanying app for your smartphone to monitor progress and to set up a lesson plan.

It uses voice recognition and face detection and is set to one child. You get a full on colour display and 8 hours from the battery.

ROYBI Robot making learning fun

There are over 500 lessons and 70 categories that help ROYBI tailor a 1-on-1 tutoring experience using AI. Recommended age 3-7 years.

What’s inside the box?

  • ROYBI Robot.
  • A Wireless Charging Plate.
  • A USB Cord.
  • A Power Adapter.
  • 3 Accessory Hats.
  • An Adoption Certificate.
  • 2 Camera Privacy Covers.
  • A Care Booklet.

Educational Categories

These are some of the educational categories that you will find useful:

  • Literature
  • Maths
  • Culture
  • Biology
  • Countries
  • Self Care
  • Emotions

Features of ROYBI

  • No subscription
  • Parent app for full control
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Continuous updates

Available to buy


What we think

ROYBI Robot is a fun little character that comes with 3 different hats you can change. We found it pretty easy to set up to recognise our daughter. I do like that ROYBI uses facial recognition to recognise her and it will then initiate a conversation or say hello. Of course, at the moment ROYBI has an American accent! Hopefully, in the future, they can develop an English accent for it!

L with ROYBI Robot

I like the fact that the parent is always in control through the app. You can monitor what your child is learning. You can even watch, and listen as they are interacting with ROYBI through the app on your phone. There is a large range of educational activities available on ROYBI, so lots to see and do. I believe they are releasing more languages in the near future.

It gets charged on its base through a USB cable. Our ROYBI came directly from the US so didn’t come with a 3 pin plug for UK use, it came with 2 pins. It didn’t bother us as we have USB charging points in our home. As well as it’s used as a charging base, the base is also used as part of the learning curriculum. There are 3 LED buttons that change colour depending on the activity or game.

L doing an activity with ROYBI

Final thoughts – it’s a useful learning aid for primary school age children, it’s unusual and lots of fun with great activities. But I’m being honest and feel that with a price tag of £169.00 it’s a little steep.

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