Helping Your Child Learn Another Language

In modern times, children are fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to learn additional languages at school. These are traditionally European languages, such as French, Spanish and German, but some schools also offer Latin and other options. Learning a second or even a third language is a fantastic way for you people to become more acquainted with different cultures, but like any school subject, it doesn’t always come naturally to every child. Below, a prep school in London explores how crucial it is for parents to inspire their children in helping your child learn another language.

Helping Your Child Learn Another Language

If you can’t speak any foreign languages yourself, don’t worry too much; there are still lots of things you can do to help your child. For instance, you could find some foreign movies that you can all watch together as a family with English subtitles. You could make a playlist on your phone of foreign music that you can all listen to during car journeys

A great way to learn basic vocabulary is to stick labels to everyday items. For instance, stick a label to the fridge, front door, wardrobe etc so that your child can see what those items are called in their chosen language every single day until it starts to stick. Flash cards are great too – you can read out a sentence in English and on the other side will be the foreign alternative, which your child has to read back to you. Practise makes perfect and little and often is the best motto!

There are lots of educational apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets and used anywhere. These are handy because they make learning a new language an interactive and enjoyable experience. It might be worth speaking to your child’s teacher to see if they know of any suitable resources that you could look into, such as websites or books, to aid your child’s comprehension of the language. 

These things take time, so one of the best things you can do for your child is to be a support system for them that lifts their spirits when things don’t go to plan. As with all areas of their education, being optimistic and helping them find confidence in their abilities will go along way in guiding the direction of their performance in school.

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