Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

A few months back we got the chance to review and test out the Zoomer Zupps Pretty Ponies, now we are back looking at the Zoomer Hungry Bunnies. I love his/her name Shreddy, to begin with I wasn’t sure why the bunny was called that. But all was revealed!!

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Review

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Competition – Win 1 of 2 Gel-a-Peel Fashion Maker’s

I don’t know if you remember but a few weeks back we reviewed a couple of products from the Gel-a-Peel range – The Nail-a Peel Deluxe Colour Kit and the Gel-a-Peel Colour Change Kit. Well today I’m back with a giveaway for a Gel-a-Peel Fashion Maker. In fact I’m giving two away! They will make some awesome Christmas Presents.

gel-a-peel fashion maker

About the Gel-a-Peel Fashion Maker

Design and create your own fashion designs with the Gel-A-Peel Fashion Maker. Complete with 5 gel tubes and over 40 design templates, the Fashion Maker kit comes with everything you need to easily gel on fabrics and create your own clutches and earrings! For ages 8+.

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Casdon Chip ‘n’ Pin Till and Shopping Basket Review

We love our role play toys. Baby girl’s latest favourite thing to do is to pretend she works in a shop (like her mummy does!) and goes around with her shopping trolley picking up her play food and heading to the till. We are a huge fan of Casdon role play toys and this latest one doesn’t disappoint! The Chip ‘n’ Pin Till is fantastic for pretend play alongside the shopping basket. A huge thanks to Casdon for sending these over to us to review, you made my little girls day!

Casdon Chip n Pin Till and Shopping Basket Review

The Chip ‘n’ Pin till comes with some pretend boxes and cans of food, but I would recommend getting the Casdon Shopping Basket to go alongside. The basket contains lots of packets and tins, not forgetting a lemon! The items are real life miniatures of the real thing. Yes there is even a box for an Arctic Roll, my fav!

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The Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum From Casdon Toy Review

Who doesn’t like a Dyson? Well not only are you able to buy a Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum for yourself but you can buy one for your mini-me as well! My toddler is always copying me at the moment and she loves to pick up the dustpan and brush so when we got sent this to try out it was just perfect.

Dyson cord free vacuum

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Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics Review

My two and half-year old happens to be a Peppa Pig fan, much to her Dad’s dismay! We do watch it while he’s at work and she knows all of the characters. Her favourite being Peppa of course. The last few months we have been learning new words and phrases. She is like a sponge picking things up all the time. Just this week she has learnt her own name and goes around introducing herself. It’s very sweet to watch. She is starting Preschool next year so being asked to review Peppa’s Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics is a great start to her phonics and I’m sure will prepare her well.

 Peppa's Laugh and Learn Alphaphonics Review

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Playtime With The Stickle Bricks Fun Tub and More

When we were kids Stickle Bricks were a big thing. We played at home making rockets, planes and houses from the multi coloured bricks. I even have a distant memory of playing with them at primary school. Now they are back bigger than ever for the next generation to play with. Playtime with the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub has been big in our house this past week.

Stickle Bricks fun tub, stickle bricks fire engine.

For Little Hands with big imaginations!

My daughter honestly thought it was Christmas when they arrived. I wish I caught her reaction on camera. Opening the Stickle Bricks Fun Tub was very exciting. We also received the Stickle Bricks Fire Engine and the Stickle Bricks Little Builder to have a look over.

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