Looking back at July – My Sunday Photo 31/07/2016

Well as we say goodbye to July it’s been a fantastic month. 3 family birthdays, our first family holiday and seeing my sister over from Vancouver.

So instead of just having one My Sunday photo I have decided to show you 3.

The first one is of baby girls great Nan’s 100th birthday cake. It was fantastic and a great memory to treasure of their first meeting. The youngest in the family born in 2016 and the oldest born in 1916.

100th Birthday Cake for my husbands nan View Post

My Sunday Photo 24/07/2016 – Pink Roses

I’m a huge lover of flowers so you will find many of my Sunday photos will be of some type of flower I have found on my travels. This week is pink roses.

pink roses
The pink roses are from my dad’s garden. They have lasted really well but are on their last legs and have the most gorgeous smell. Nature at it’s best.

It’s not a bad photo taken with my iPhone 4s if I say so myself, but I can’t wait to get a newer phone with a better camera. I need to wait until September to change my phone now as I’m changing networks. My current network seems very expensive to what I’ve found. It’s not too long to wait!

I you are all having a great weekend and hopefully have some sun where you are.