How To Avoid a Car Breakdown

Breaking down is annoying. It’s often unexpected and comes at the most inconvenient time. But if you keep your car in good condition you lower the risk of breaking down. Here are a few tips on how to avoid a car breakdown.

if you keep your car in good condition you lower the risk of breaking down. Here are a few tips on how to avoid a car breakdown.
  • Keep your engine oil at the correct level

The oil is the blood of your car’s engine. It won’t work without it. It will end up on the car scrapheap if you don’t keep the right amount of oil in the engine. Oil stops friction and the heating up of the mechanical moving parts. Only last week I was driving up the dual carriageway and the engine oil light came on and beeped at me. It scared me at that moment for sure. Luckily I wasn’t too far from home. When I got home I checked to make sure there weren’t any oil leaks. Then I used my husband’s car to go and buy some oil to top it up.

  • Keep your car serviced and MOT up to date

An MOT is vitally important to keep your car safe for on the road. It alerts any safety issues to you. For example, if your brake pads are low and need replacing. I’m no mechanic and you can’t see if they need replacing without getting into them.

A service is like a car health check. It’s not a legal requirement like an MOT which main purpose is safety for you and other road users. A service is there for the benefit of the car. To keep it running smoothly. To check fluid levels, and to do an oil change. Having an oil change is good for the engine.

Regular servicing and yearly MOT’s will help you avoid breaking down.

  • Don’t ignore warning lights and strange noises coming from the car

A warning light comes on for a reason. A bit like your low fuel light. It’s a warning that needs seeing to. It won’t go away and is most likely to get worse and could be more costly in the long run. See to it as soon as you can. Refer to the manual is needs be, or contact your local garage.

Strange noises could be a serious problem. Take it to your garage straight away. A few years back I heard a strange noise on my old Citroen C3. It was like a banging sound. Come find out the exhaust has come away from one of its fittings and was banging in the underside of the car. As I pulled into the garage it dropped to the floor. That was scary as it could have had dangerous consequences falling off in front of another road user.

Please don’t ignore warning lights and strange noises. Seeing to them straight away will help avoid a car breakdown.

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