What Can Prevent a Woman from Getting a Mommy Makeover?

Are you thinking about getting a mommy makeover? Your family is complete, and you’d like to feel better about your physical appearance after going through a few pregnancies. If you’re still not sure about this decision, look at some typical things that prevent moms from getting a mommy makeover.

What Can Prevent a Woman from Getting a Mommy Makeover?

A Very Busy Schedule

Not surprisingly, most moms are busy no matter how many children they have. Lots of moms work full-time while trying to keep their household clean, shuttle kids to various activities, cook meals, etc. A mom may think she is too busy to fit a mommy makeover into her schedule, but there are always ways to move things around to give her this opportunity.

A mom who has a challenging career may hesitate to consider a mommy makeover because she doesn’t think she can take time off work. She worries about losing money during her time off or getting behind in her workload. But, many employers include paid time off into an employee’s contract so a mom has the opportunity to figure out when she can take time off for her mommy makeover.

Putting Herself Last on the List

Another thing that prevents many moms from considering a mommy makeover is they put themselves last in importance on the list. Of course, she takes care of her partner, her children, and her parents. In short, this doesn’t leave much time for self-care and relaxation.

A mom who sees herself as last on the list can make the decision to look at things differently. If she gets a mommy makeover she is likely going to feel better about herself with improved confidence and energy. This new outlook can help her take even better care of her family than she had before.

Unsure About What She Wants

Most women have probably heard of a mommy makeover, but they aren’t sure about what that entails. A mommy makeover can involve procedures such as a breast lift, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction. A woman can choose all, a few or one of these services for her mommy makeover.

A woman considering a mommy makeover may have one feature in mind that she wants worked on or improved after her pregnancies. Or, she may feel insecure about several features of her body. Sitting down and talking with a surgeon to discuss her own situation can help a mom to feel more at ease about her decision.

If a woman has had one procedure of a mommy makeover done in the past, she can get a different procedure done the next time. For instance, perhaps a woman had a breast lift during her last mommy makeover. Now, she may want a tummy tuck or liposuction to make even more improvements to her post-baby appearance.

Unsure About the Requirements Connected with Recovery

The recovery time for a mommy makeover is about one to two weeks. Some women aren’t sure whether they can spare the time to recover from this procedure. They may worry about the care of their family and household while they are resting up. However, those who choose to prioritize themselves have a lot of options for their recovery period. One mom may ask her partner to schedule some time off work to take over the responsibilities of the household during her recovery. Another mom may ask her in-laws, a friend or a neighbor to help her out during her recovery.

During her consultation, a woman can find out all about the specific requirements involved in making a full recovery from a mommy makeover. Oftentimes, talking with a physician who has performed many mommy makeovers can set a woman’s mind at ease about both the surgery and the recovery process. A woman benefits from getting as much information as she can from physicians experienced in mommy makeovers.

Friends and Family Members May Not Be Supportive of Your Decision

Some moms hesitate to get a mommy makeover due to the opinions of friends and family. A family member or friend may insist she doesn’t need a mommy makeover. But, if a mom feels strongly about getting one, she should explain how important it is to the ones who truly care about her.

In the end, individuals who are unsupportive of her decision to get a mommy makeover aren’t the ones who will be affected. A mom is the one who knows how she feels and what she thinks is best for her life. People who genuinely care will want her to be happy.

A mom may be hesitant to get a mommy makeover because she’s worried she won’t look like herself after it’s complete. This can be a real concern for a mom especially if she’s not familiar with the different procedures done in a mommy makeover. The best idea for any moms with this hesitation is to schedule a consultation to learn more about the specifics about the procedures.

One of the benefits of getting a makeover is the various procedures such as a breast lift and a tummy tuck makes a woman’s body look its best. These procedures change a woman’s physical appearance, but in ways that enhances what is already there. Sometimes it helps for a mom to look at the before and after photos of women who have had a mommy makeover to get a clearer idea of the changes that take place.

The professional staff at the Aesthetic Surgery Center wants to help moms regain their confidence after experiencing so many physical changes during pregnancy. Schedule a consultation with one of our talented physicians, Dr. Anurag Agarwal, Dr. Richard Maloney or Dr. William Ross to find out how we can help you get back to feeling more like yourself. Contact us at (239)-594-9100 or fill out our simple contact form today!

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