Relocating Across the World To Ontario

My older sister has lived in Canada for around 13 years now. It’s a beautiful country and one I would love to live in if we had the chance. We went over to visit her once on Canada Day a few years back. She was living in Peterborough then just outside Toronto. Currently, she’s in Vancouver but will be relocating further up the mountains in the near future for work. I’m sure while she is there she will come across people that go crossbow hunting in the wilderness.

Relocating Across the World To Ontario


There are many things to consider when relocating. Do you have enough money to support your family during those first initial months? Have you got a job lined up? Canada has a skilled entry programme as one way of entering the country. You will need a visa and work permit for this. The great thing about quite a lot of jobs nowadays is that you can work remotely. In fact, while my sister was over for Christmas for 6 weeks she was working remotely. Operating machinery thousands of miles away across the Atlantic and more. Using software like helps with this to store all your important business documents digitally.

Don’t forget to look into the shipping of your home goods and personal effects. Canada does have restrictions on some items which you will need to look into before you plan on what to take with you.


Canada has a vast amount of different beautiful homes to choose from. You can get waterside houses and apartments or maybe you are thinking about city life. However, it is possible to have both in Vancouver. With the water on one side and the mountains on the other, it could be the ideal spot. Prices can be very expensive here as there is a high demand for housing, yet the city doesn’t have the space to grow because of the mountains and the ocean.

If you are looking to move to an area that has a quaint community surrounding it, then Port Credit, Mississauga, in Ontario is the neighbourhood for you. You can check out the port credit townhomes for sale before you go to see what’s available.

Other areas to look into

It’s worth pointing out that as an expat, you are not immediately covered for healthcare. Canada has free public healthcare available only to its permanent residents and citizens. Once you have registered as a resident you will have to wait around 3 months until you are eligible for public healthcare. So make sure you are covered with a private insurance for this time between.

Banks you will need to look into and see about getting yourself set up with an account as soon as you can.

Education. If you are coming over with children, there are many schools and colleges to research to find the right one for you.

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