Cheap Toys Which Are Great For Long Car Journeys

Keeping the kids occupied on long car journeys can be difficult, but toys are the ultimate distraction from the dreaded question of “are we there yet?” Keeping them entertained doesn’t have to be expensive, there are plenty of budget options out there. All toys in this article are under five pounds, with many of them costing just one pound each!

Cheap Toys Which Are Great For Long Car Journeys

If you’re looking to keep your little ones occupied on a long car journey, we’ve compiled a list of the ultimate cheap toys for kids to make those long car rides a little bit easier.

Cyber Pet 49 in 1 – £1

The tamagotchi-style cyber pet is back, and it’s the perfect distraction from a long trip. With 49 pets to choose from, caring and feeding for these cyber pets is sure to keep your little ones occupied on a long car journey.

Toy Story Aquabeads Set – £5

Aquabeads have brought this Disney classic to their range and we couldn’t think of a cooler way to keep the kids occupied. They’ll be able create their own Aquabead versions of Woody and Buzz, just make sure they don’t leave them behind like Andy did!

Magic Trick Sets – £1

Take a little box of magic on the journey, containing cards and tricks every budding magician could possibly need. Classic card tricks are a great way to pass the time, and they’ll be able to show off to their friends once they’ve perfected their magic.

Knock Out Dice Popping Board Game – £1

Both portable and fun, board games are a great way to focus your mind, making them a great distraction from long car journeys. The whole family can get involved with this one. Simply pick a colour and you’re on your way. The first player to get all of their pieces home wins.

Colour Your Own Everyday Bag – £1

This one will keep the kids busy for a while. Let them get creative with this colouring bag set, which includes 5 assorted felt tip pens. The tote bag itself features a beautiful, stencil design ready to be coloured in.

Match 4 Mini Four in A Row – £1

This classic game has made a return in mini form, perfect to carry around for car journeys. Match 4 will keep the kids, and adults, occupied for hours. Be the first to get four in a row, in any direction, horizontal or vertical, and you’ll win! It’s simple, but incredibly addictive.

Mini Magic Cube – £1

A mini-take on the classic 3-D combination puzzle, matching all sides of the coloured tiles sounds easy, but can your family solve it? There are 43 different combinations for you to twist and turn the tiles. There’s a trick to it… figure it out and you’re on to a winner.

DIY Metal Mini Vehicle Construction Kit – £1

Help them build their own miniature vehicles with these assorted building kits. With at least 60 pieces in each set, it will certainly keep the little builders occupied on your long car journey.

Disney Pixar Cars 4 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle – £5

Four times the fun for any fans of Pixar’s Cars film franchise. Featuring the gang from the Cars 3 film, this jigsaw set includes four puzzle pictures including Lightning McQueen. Can they complete the puzzles before the journey is over?

I hope you have found this post useful on cheap toys for car journeys, you might enjoy my post on travelling with kids in the car useful!

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