Top Tips – What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is not only cheaper, it’s a great hobby that gets you in the fresh air, and healthy for the whole family. But at this time of year it’s tricky to know what to plant and grow or even if you can vegetables. So for today’s post on top tips I’m sharing with you what to grow in Winter vegetable garden.

What To Grow In Winter Vegetable Garden

Last year we moved to a house with a great garden with lots of potential. Then I got pregnant within a few weeks and had horrendous morning sickness. Combined with looking after a 1-year-old and working full-time, time was limited. So the garden was put on the back burner until earlier this year.

After recovering from my c-section I got out and planted my fruit bushes. Blueberries, red gooseberry, yellow raspberries, blackberry and a cherry tree. But I still didn’t get around to planting any vegetables, oh the life of a busy mum of two!

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